3 expert tips to start earning passive income with $100

  • With just $100 and a little research, you can start your own passive income stream.
  • Consider investing that $100 in low-cost EFTs or REITs.
  • Start collecting monthly checks by buying a website linked to advertisers and affiliates.
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Passive income is not just for the wealthy.

With a little time and research, anyone can start investing in a passive income stream with as little as $100. We asked three financial experts how they would invest $100 to start making money while they sleep, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Low cost ETFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) combines many individual securities, such as stocks or bonds, into a single investment.

According to John Stoj, financial advisor and founder of investment firm Verbatim Financial, the best way to invest $100 is to buy a low-cost ETF and keep adding $100 to it each time you have it. ‘opportunity. “Do this for years and years, and before you know it, your investment will have reached a point where you can live off it,” he says.

As of June 2021, 10-year average equity returns were 9.2%, although investment returns are neither predictable nor guaranteed. Experts always recommend having an emergency fund with three to six months of cash living expenses as part of your investment strategy.

2. REITs

Vivian Tu, a former Wall Streeter and TikTok financial literacy educator, suggests putting your money in a real estate investment trust.

REITs are companies that own, operate and finance income-generating real estate properties. User-friendly apps like Elevate.Money and Fundrise make investing in real estate super easy without having to manage properties on your own.

“Investing in real estate doesn’t always mean flipping a house,” Tu says. “REITs are a great way to access real estate investments without needing a ton of cash.”

3. Website Domains

“One of the easiest ways to invest $100 today is to buy a website,” says Taylor Kovar, CFP and CEO of The Millionaire Marriage Podcast.

Digital business owners list their websites or apps for a number of reasons — to profit from their initial investment in building their product or to get away from the business altogether, according to Flippa.

When you own a website, you can easily set up advertisements and affiliate links. Every time someone clicks on a link on your new website, you’ll be paid a few cents, which can add up to bigger monthly checks than expected. Kovar suggests going to sites like Flippa.com or Newsy.co to see what websites are on sale.

You can filter your search based on your budget. Each ad also has an estimated monthly profit. For example, a website called Best Stocks has an asking price of $10 and an estimated monthly profit of $596 per month.

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