A woman has a bloody face after being hit with a durian by a debt collector in Thailand

A woman was left with a bloody face after being hit with a durian by a debt collector in Lamphun province, Thailand.

The Thai woman, identified as Duangduen, parked her motorbike outside Chang Rong Temple in Nai Mueng sub-district to answer a phone call when she was allegedly slapped in the face with a prickly durian zest on July 17 by a woman who she said was her debt collector.

The assailant reportedly fled the scene in a van, leaving Duangduen with a bloody face.

Duangduen has since appealed to local media for help after there was no development in the complaint she filed at Mueng Lamphun police station following the incident.

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She admitted to borrowing about 20,000 baht (about $545.44) from a pawn shop last year to open a shop with her friend. Due to financial difficulties, she said her interest repayment turned into 700,000 baht (about $19,090.51).

Duangduen said the COVID-19 pandemic had affected their store’s revenue, causing it to miss refunds. The loan shark allegedly sold the arrears to debt collectors who then threatened Duangduen and her friend and raided their homes. The debt collector tricked the women into telling them that borrowing more money would help pay off the interest on their debt. However, the new conditions only increased to a request for reimbursement of 20,000 baht (about $545.44) per day.

Duangduen’s friend reportedly fled out of fear and left her to face the consequences.

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The debt-ridden woman has since contacted an official government debt management service for help. The lender reportedly agreed to suspend repayment, but then reappeared at her home demanding money.

Duangduen said she was still threatened by the debt collector.

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Featured image via Mufid Majnun

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