AWS Outage Disrupted Amazon Warehouse Operations, Deleted Websites


AWS stores and serves a large portion of the Internet.

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Amazon said it fixed the network issues that led to an outage that took down several major websites and apps for some people on Tuesday. Amazon workers also reported in social media posts that the company’s warehouses were shut down on Tuesday as the company struggled to resolve an Amazon Web Services outage, leaving workers with little in the way. to do but hang out or, apparently, sing karaoke.

The service, also known as AWS, stores and serves much of the Internet, including websites and apps for Disney Plus, Robinhood, Barclays, and Slack. Down Detector has noted outages with the Ring, Prime Music, Alexa, and Chime services. TicketMaster, Google, McDonald’s, Venmo, Cash App, and My Social Security, a portal for the United States Social Security Administration’s online accounts, were also among the services which all posted outages starting around 11 a.m. , eastern time.

At around 7:30 p.m. ET, a message posted on the AWS Dashboard said the network device issues had been resolved and the company was “working to recover all corrupted services.”

Web site outages have been reported in cities across the United States. Amazon’s internal systems appeared to be affected across the country, according to social media comments from dozens of people who said they worked for the company.

Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha had confirmed the outage and its impact on Amazon’s own operations. “There is an AWS service event in the US East (Virginia) region affecting Amazon Operations and other customers with resources operating from that region,” Rocha said in a statement.

Some customers have taken to Twitter to complain about Ring Doorbells and Cameras not working. In response to a message from Ring’s customer service team saying Amazon was investigating the issue, a Twitter user said, “That doesn’t help. I need a working doorbell.”

Other Twitter users said they were tricked by Ring alarm systems that could not be turned off.

And others joked about their reliance on apps to do things they could use their hands for, like turning off an Alexa alarm on the physical device.

Down Detector showed a peak of more than 11,000 outage reports for sites managed by AWS late in the morning EDT Tuesday. Although progress was made in reducing that number, outages persisted for hours later.

On Reddit and Twitter, people who said they were Amazon employees posted comments and videos about the complete shutdown of operations due to malfunctioning internal systems. Several workers wrote that they were singing karaoke or read their phones while waiting for systems to come back online. Vice spoke to delivery companies that contracted with Amazon and said their drivers were unable to log into Amazon systems to make deliveries on Tuesday morning.

On an AWS status page to monitor system activity, Amazon noted issues Tuesday morning from a Virginia facility affecting its US-EAST-1 region. The issues have affected several AWS products used by businesses to run their websites and applications, as well as some used by Amazon itself.

The dashboard indicated that the company was troubleshooting shortly after the outage reports arrived. In the evening, the company said it still saw some of its departments “severely” affected.


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