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Some council members got a preview Tuesday night of the issues that will appear on the ballot in this fall’s municipal election.

There are four, city administrator Tim Bragan told the board. Two called on voters to allow the city to borrow money as excluded debt to pay for the purchase of a building on Lancaster County Road and a new tower truck for the fire department. The purchase price for the building, which is intended to replace Hildreth House as a Harvard senior center, is $ 1.4 million, but the additional amount needed to renovate and equip the building as a center for the elderly is $ 1.4 million. elderly has not yet been determined.

The cost to the city of a new tower truck is $ 900,000, thanks to a large federal grant. Both proposals have not yet been approved by the Capital Planning and Investment Committee.

The amount of each loan must first be approved by a two-thirds vote at the municipal assembly. Then, in municipal elections, a majority must vote to add principal and interest on amounts borrowed from property tax as excluded debt.

The two remaining questions on the ballot are non-binding resolutions regarding Bromfield House. The first asks if the city should sell only the 39 Massachusetts Avenue structure, but keep the land for future use. The second asks if the city should sell both the structure and the land to a buyer for use as a private residence. The questions were placed on the ballot by the select committee, which seeks to know the preferences of the voters. The municipal elections provide a larger sample of voter sentiment than Town Meeting, the board said.

The municipal election will take place on November 2, two weeks after the municipal assembly. Polling stations will open at 3 p.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Bromfield House. (Photo by Lisa Aciukewicz)

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