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By: Heather Lang, Senior Web Producer, KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Door-to-door deals, toy catalogs and holiday savings are out. Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Black Friday shoppers are serious, and that means you should, too. Here’s a list of local malls, malls, and stores, and how they plan the biggest shopping day of the year.



Many stores started the Black Friday deals early. Here’s a list of COVID-19 stores, deals, and security protocols to get you through the biggest shopping days of the year:


Best buy:

Bed, bath and beyond:


Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Stopping the game:


The welcome deposit:

JC Penney:





Old Navy:



Websites with Ads for Black Friday:

These are just a few websites claiming to have a look at Black Friday promotions in dozens of stores. Please remember that you are leaving the KDKA website and we have not verified the accuracy of these announcements.

Cyber ​​Monday Tips:

These tips and tricks are provided by

1. Avoid making Cyber ​​Monday the holy grail of online shopping many retailers are running deals right now due to the pandemic and are posting their “Black Friday” deals throughout the season.

2. Avoid being caught off guard or arriving late to the party – homework; there are few rules for shopping online this year, so check out flyers and download reputable apps. Many retailers offer secret deals only for app users.

3. Don’t be shy – many retailers’ prices match, so prepare for the comparison and call the retailer’s customer service number or use the online chat feature to ask.

4. Avoid fancy sites – don’t fall under the spell of nifty websites most of whom have never heard of and check online reviews or the Better Business Bureau for online complaints.

5. Stick to the list – make a list and double check it, it will serve as armor against unnecessary purchases while still being in the best budget for your lifestyle.

6. Avoid buying without a set budget – don’t go over your credit card because that bill will arrive before you know it and interest could quickly wipe out any Cyber ​​Monday savings.

7. Buy with free shipping in mind or buy from the same store – this year many will be celebrating the holidays virtually, so factor in the shipping cost. Consider purchasing all of the gifts for the grandchildren from a retailer to take advantage of free shipping.

8. Wait until you buy some toys – Cyber ​​Monday is all about electronics and clothing; most Christmas toys go on sale about two weeks before the holidays.

9. Use online cash back portals – it makes no sense to shop online without using a cash back site when there are so many choices like Rakuten. Just go through these secure portals to make purchases and buyers can earn money.

10. Check return and exchange policies – some items may not be returnable so all savings will be forfeited and other items have a limited return time.

Click here for more online safety tips and information from the Better Business Bureau. To report an online scam to them, visit this link.

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