Broken and depressed in Taiwan, actor Andie Chen starts game company

With the help of his brother, entrepreneur Adam Tan, Chen decided to turn it into a business, creating a company called Freedom Nation that “builds bridges and provides resources for people of all skill levels to thrive in the world. inevitable migration to the metaverse ”.

In three months, he claimed, they generated a value of S $ 500,000, based on SLP’s value at mid-market price, and they are on track to reach $ 1 million over the course of the next three months. He values ​​the company at S $ 12 million.

His wife “used to give me a lot of crap to play games, mostly passively aggressive,” he laughed. “But now when she sees me playing games, she gives me tea or snacks and asks me not to work too hard. I must love blockchain games! ”

Chen said he dived deep into his blockchain and cryptocurrency training, watching many how-to videos and reading books and white papers.

“I lost a good amount of money at the start, but I took it as a tuition fee,” he said.

In the not-so-distant future, he said, people will spend more time in the digital space than in the physical world.

“I don’t see it as a good or a bad thing, I think it’s a natural progression, just like the radio on TV at Netflix. The younger generation already lives in Fortnight and Roblox. There’s only that. we, the old folks, who are still afraid of this change. “

In his case, adversity bred innovation. “I don’t think I could have done (this business) if I had been healthy and had enough money,” he said. “Being depressed has its advantages!”

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