Borrowing money

5 reasons to avoid student debt

As lawmakers squabble over student debt cancellation this summer, millions of parents are trying to figure out how much to borrow to send their kids to college in the fall. Once an easy calculation families made at kitchen tables, paying for college is now a confusing and opaque puzzle. Almost …

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June 26 horoscope | The “Litters

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday June 26, 2021: You are hardworking and organized. You are extremely creative which is often not immediately apparent as you have a calm and gentle nature. You are sensitive, practical and even respectful towards others. People respect you. It is a year of new beginnings and …

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What net zero could mean for your loan

Some lenders are starting to offer green mortgages with incentives such as lower interest rates for less expensive buildings. Above, a couple look at wind turbines off the coast of Essex in Frinton-on-Sea, England. Photo: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images The UK has set itself the ambitious goal of being …

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