Borrowing money

Is Metro (ETR: B4B) a risky investment?

Howard Marks put it well when he said that, rather than worrying about stock price volatility, “The possibility of permanent loss is the risk I worry about … and every investor practice that I know is worried. ” It is only natural to consider a company’s balance sheet when looking …

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Neobanks Go After Klarna: Monzo Flex Vs Curve Flex

Alternative loansDigital bank Monzo and Curve both launched their respective “buy now, pay later” products… on the same day… and they’re both called Flex. Image source: Monzo For fintech bank challengers in 2021, launching a “buy now, pay later” feature makes perfect sense. Demand for BNPL is booming. Hopes that …

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What would you like to know

Unless you are the most frugal and conscientious person in Ireland, the cost of a college education will be a shock. Money management is a skill that some students may have learned in school, but for the most part it takes time and practice. Not having money or stressing over …

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