Borrowing money

What you need to know about getting a business loan

To grow your business activities, you will need working capital to hire more staff, rent additional office space, execute marketing strategies, purchase materials, and purchase new equipment, among other things. Many potential business owners may not have the savings to start a business. Therefore, business loans are needed, and that’s …

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Performance review of the 2021 federal budget

Last week, the Minister of Finance presented the draft Medium-Term Expenditure Framework 2022-2024 to stakeholders. The MTEF is the strategic framework that underlies the federal budget and the revenue parameters that go into the Distributable Pool Account known as the Federation Account. The presentation also provided an opportunity to report …

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4 ultra-high dividend stocks to buy now

The stock market is great in that there are many ways for investors to build wealth on Wall Street. But if there’s one almost constant among the world’s top-performing fund managers, it’s that they flock to dividend-paying stocks. Companies that pay a dividend are generally profitable and have proven operating …

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