Cash websites – Condenetint Sat, 25 Sep 2021 07:26:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cash websites – Condenetint 32 32 Riddle of the businessman’s four obscure ventures that got £ 40million in paid time off Fri, 24 Sep 2021 21:54:55 +0000

The enigma of the four obscure businesses of the businessman who got £ 40million in cash on leave … and his ‘European headquarters’ is a virtual letterbox in east London

Up to £ 40million in cash leave has been paid in a single month to a range of companies which appear to be unstaffed.

The four UK companies, created by an Indian entrepreneur, each claimed between £ 5 million and £ 10million in May this year.

They were founded by Rajanish Garibe, 44, an elusive businessman whose ‘European headquarters’ of companies turned out to be a virtual letterbox in east London.

Treasury says leave scheme has been abused and there are 23,000 ongoing investigations into ‘incorrect’ payments

The Treasury has disbursed its businesses from its Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme despite their poor or non-existent websites and no evidence of the existence of actual staff.

The Domain Corporation Ltd website – supposedly a technical consultancy firm – is so amateurish it has dummy text on it.

The other three companies – Domain Foundation, Domain International School, and Domain Research Hospital – don’t even appear to have websites.

Yet the two of them demanded enough holiday money in May to cover the salaries of 10,000 employees earning £ 50,000 in wages.

The Treasury says the leave scheme has been abused and that there are 23,000 ongoing investigations into “incorrect” payments.

When Financial Times reporters attempted to contact Garibe, they did not hear from him, but there was a flurry of documents at Companies House “updating” the records to suggest that he was not. plus corporate director.

The Daily Mail has emailed companies asking about the £ 40million and received a response last night from Maria James, managing director, who said Garibe resigned from the companies in early March ahead of the pandemic.

She refused to answer questions.

Last night, HMRC said it could not comment on the ongoing cases, but added: “We are taking tough action to tackle fraudulent and criminal behavior.”


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Cryptocurrency Breaking News – Coinbase Could Eclipse Bitcoin As AMC Customers Believe Dogecoin “Should Be Accepted” Thu, 23 Sep 2021 00:33:00 +0000

COINBASE may soon eclipse Bitcoin in the crypto space.

“Coinbase brings a different level of credibility to the space, being the only publicly traded company in the cryptocurrency industry,” AMBCrypto reported.

Meanwhile, in a Twitter poll, users agreed that Dogecoin should be accepted at AMC.

“SO FASCINATING! Dogecoin Poll was by far my highest tweet ever read, ”wrote the CEO of the company on Twitter.

“In 24 hours, 4.2 million views, my most retweets, most replies. 140,000 votes 77% yes 23% no. Clearly you think AMC should accept Dogecoin.”

“Now we have to figure out how to do this. Stay tuned ! “

Read our live cryptocurrency blog for the latest news and updates …


    Whether or not you’ve invested before, keep in mind that making money from cryptocurrencies or other investments is never guaranteed, even with a popular product like Shiba Inu.

    Cryptocurrencies are particularly volatile, so their values ​​can crash with little or no notice.


    Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency token that allows users to hold billions of it.

    The tokens feature the same Shiba Inu dog as Dogecoin, which has recently gained in popularity.


    Finally, the truth in Promotional material is a risk in investing in cryptos.

    Businesses may overestimate product returns or underestimate the risks involved.


    Another investment risk are charges and fees.

    Consumers should take into account the impact of fees and charges on their investment, which may be higher than those of regulated investment products.


    A third risk of investing in cryptocurrencies is product complexity.

    The complexity of some crypto-asset related products and services can prevent consumers from understanding the risks.

    There is no guarantee that cryptoassets can be converted back to cash. The conversion of a crypto-asset into cash depends on the existing demand and supply in the market.


    Another investment risk is price volatility.

    The significant price volatility of crypto-assets, combined with the difficulties inherent in a reliable valuation of crypto-assets, puts consumers at high risk of loss.


    We have rounded up five risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.

    The first is Consumer protection.

    Certain investments showing high returns based on crypto assets may not be subject to regulation beyond anti-money laundering requirements.


    Hackers have stolen $ 600 million in a daring cryptocurrency heist after spotting a “vulnerability” at a blockchain site.

    In one of the biggest thefts in the world, cybercriminals exploited a weakness in Poly Network, a platform that seeks to connect different blockchains so that they can work together.

    The site said hackers took thousands of digital tokens such as Ether.


    Cryptocurrency prices hit record highs earlier this year amid interest from prominent figures such as Elon Musk and increased institutional investment in the industry.

    Values ​​can be volatile, however, and regulators have warned investors could lose all of their money.


    Under Siege and Half Past Dead, hardman Seagal was paid to promote “Bitcoiin2Gen” (B2G) which saw 500 investors left out in cash and other cryptocurrencies as he unwittingly ended up supporting the scam.

    Seagal was reportedly offered $ 250,000 as well as £ 750,000 in B2G to appear in promotional material for scammers.

    He appeared in a press release to them and “wholeheartedly” endorsed the program in a message to his 7 million Facebook followers.


    One of Ethereum’s co-founders, Vitalik Buterin, was named one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2021 by Time magazine.

    Former Reddit executive chairman Alexis Ohanian praised him in a post for the article.


    “I have never been so excited about the potential of the Internet,” added Ohanian.

    “And that’s in large part thanks to Vitalik Buterin.”

    Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum and also co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2011.


    “No one could have imagined all the uses of Ethereum, but it took a person’s idea to launch it,” Ohanian added of Buterin.

    “From there, a new world opened up and spawned new ways to harness blockchain technology, some of which I have invested in.

    “Whether it was startups like Sorare reinventing fantasy sports or Rainbow users showing off their NFT collections, none of this would have existed without the creation of Vitalik.”


    “Thanks to Reddit’s r / Ethereum community, I had the privilege of following Vitalik Buterin’s career from the start, which is why I was proud to see his legacy grow,” Ohanian wrote of the programmer.

    “Of course, we can talk about the value he created as a co-founder of the platform, including Ethereum’s impressive market capitalization of around $ 400 billion, the dazzling world of apps. decentralized and this year’s boom in the NFT trade. “

    “What makes Vitalik so special is that he is a builder of builders.”

  • gift scams

    Gift scams often masquerade as celebrities or well-known personalities and ask victims to send Bitcoin, promising to return a much larger amount.

    Many ad scams are marketed on social media, attempting to connect through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    For example, victims said they sent over $ 2 million to crooks posing as Elon Musk.


    Another popular scam technique is by using websites that appear to be a new cryptocurrency mining operation or a new investment opportunity.

    These sites encourage investors to wire money, sometimes offering investment “tiers” and promising better returns.

    But when users try to withdraw their money, they can’t and ask them to enter even more cryptocurrency.


    • Costs and fees: Consumers should consider the impact of fees and charges on their investment, which may be higher than those of regulated investment products.
    • Promotional material: Companies may overestimate product returns or underestimate the risks involved.

    Below, we have put together five risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

    • Consumer protection: Certain investments showing high returns based on crypto assets may not be subject to regulation beyond anti-money laundering requirements.
    • Price volatility: The high volatility of crypto-asset prices, combined with the difficulties inherent in a reliable valuation of crypto-assets, puts consumers at high risk of loss.
    • Product complexity: The complexity of some crypto-asset related products and services can make it difficult for consumers to understand the risks. There is no guarantee that cryptoassets can be converted back to cash. The conversion of a crypto-asset into cash depends on the existing demand and supply in the market.

    Audius is a cryptography-based music streaming platform.

    It is owned and controlled by token holders and its tokens are called Audio.

    According to Audius, more than 5.3 million people have used the platform this month.

    Audio has been listed on CoinMarketCap since October 2020 and has gained in value following a deal with Chinese social media giant TikTok.


    Ethereum (ETH) was released in 2015 and is currently the second largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, launched in 2009.

    In addition to being used as a cryptocurrency, developers can also build apps and run smart contracts on Ethereum.

    The upgrade is technically referred to as Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1559, or EIP-1559, but it has also been referred to as the “London hard fork”.


    It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s possible that Ethereum will someday overtake Bitcoin as the dominant crypto, according to Goldman Sachs.

    Last month, the bank said Ether “looks like the cryptocurrency with the highest actual use potential because Ethereum, the platform on which it is the native digital currency, is the Most popular development platform for smart contract applications, ”Business Insider reports.

    Susannah Streeter, Senior Investment and Markets Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, added to The Sun: “Bitcoin can boast of the strongest brand in the crypto world, but it doesn’t offer the same opportunities as a ramp launch pad for decentralized applications.


    Many cryptocurrency fans have predicted Shiba Inu’s value for 2022, but you should take it with a pinch of salt as it’s far from guaranteed.

    For example, the Wallet Investor crypto website expects a value of up to $ 0.000018 in a year.

    Meanwhile, Coin Price Forecast expects it to reach a value of $ 0.00002336 by the middle of next year.

    He then expects him to end the year at a slightly higher level of $ 0.00003037.


    Unlike most of its discount rivals, Robinhood offers 24/7 crypto trading through its platform.

    This means that you will have access to trade in major cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

    Its crypto investors can buy or sell with a market order, which means it is executed at the current market price.


    Cryptocurrency prices hit record highs earlier this year amid interest from prominent figures such as Elon Musk and increased institutional investment in the industry.

    The most valuable coins are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are plenty of alternatives or altcoins aimed at leveraging the value of crypto.

    Values ​​can be volatile, however, and regulators have warned investors could lose all of their money.


    Bitcoin continues to be down today on Coinbase as the Suex exchange is sanctioned for “helping with heists”.

    The US Treasury has announced that it will sanction the cryptocurrency exchange for its “alleged role in laundering ransoms for cyber attacks” according to CNBC.

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These are the credit cards with the happiest customers Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:43:50 +0000

A tip for finding the right credit card: consider one with no annual fee.

I suggest it after reading the latest JD Power Credit Card Customer Satisfaction Study. Customer satisfaction with a no-fee credit card is much higher than that of customers with annual fees. On a 1000-point scale, the no-charge cards received a customer satisfaction score of 747, while the charge cards scored 707.

Just over a fifth of card customers polled by JD Power said they changed their primary card in the past 12 months to avoid annual fees, up from 16% in 2020. The pandemic may help explain this trend – some households are in financial difficulty. and need to reduce costs, and others do not travel and therefore cannot use the rewards generated by the paid cards.

The story continues under the ad

Still, I wonder if there is anything to be said for a card that generates rewards without costing you an annual fee which typically goes up to $ 120 to $ 150 per year. Find out what’s available in the free category on websites like CreditcardGenious, GreedyRates,,, Savvy New Canadians, and Young & Thrifty.

The credit cards with the most satisfied customers come from Tangerine Bank, with a score of 822 out of 1,000. Canadian Tire and PC Financial followed with scores of 800 and 796. The industry average was 766. Give your opinion on the best credit cards in Canada by voting on the RewardsCanada website.

The biggest problem with customer service comes as no surprise – it’s poor service from call centers. JD Power said more and more card customers have noted cases this year “of being transferred, put on hold, requested multiple times for the same information, or having difficulty understanding the rep.”

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Rob’s Personal Finance Reading List

Now is the perfect time to renovate

The surge in wood prices at the height of the pandemic is over. If you waited, you win.

The best cashback sites

The Savvy New Canadians blog examines ways to make money shopping at specific retailers. Here is a similar list from

Why it’s a good thing that stock trading is treated like a game

A refreshing and contrarian take from a finance professor on the gamification of stock transactions by Millennials and Gen Z during the stock rally of the past year and a half. He argues that turning investing into a game is part of a process that will make young people better investors over time.

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Strange times in the housing market

It’s all about a land rush in Peoria, Ill., A Rust Belt town that has seen better times. People all over the United States have bought homes without seeing them. The reason: These inexpensive homes are their best chance of owning, and sometimes flipping, a home.

Ask Rob

Question: What is the cost of a financial planner? I was quoted between $ 6,000 and $ 8,000 as a base charge. I think it sounds high.

A: It sounds high, unless you have complex family estate needs – tax and estate planning, for example. While researching this column on the cost of a financial plan, I found that planners’ fees often range between $ 1,500 and $ 4,000.

Do you have a question for me? Send me. Sorry, I cannot respond to each one personally. Questions and answers are edited for length and clarity.

Today’s financial tool

US personal finance website NerdWallet has launched a Canadian operation offering beginner-friendly information on banking, mortgages, credit cards and more.

The cashless zone

Rolling Stone has updated and refreshed their list of the top 500 songs. More than half of the songs did not appear on the old list.

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Tweet of the week

Chinese real estate developer Evergrande’s debt problems rocked the stock market at the start of the week. here is a useful thread to familiarize you with the company and its current difficulties.

The truth about mortgages

What happened to these higher rates? What are the lowest rates currently? Where will they go next? Introducing Lower Mortgage Loans, a new bi-weekly take on what’s happening in the Canadian mortgage market by mortgage strategist Robert McLister. You can read the first one here.


What i wrote about
  • Canada’s first ETF designed specifically for retirees has been around for a year now – here’s what we learned
  • What Would Your Family’s Finances Look Like If You Were As Flippant About Debt As Federal Political Parties?
  • The most exaggerated warning in personal finance has been that rising rates will crush borrowers

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Save money when visiting Montreal Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:26:45 +0000

Montreal is one of the oldest and most attractive Canadian destinations and attracts millions of visitors every year. When visiting Montreal, the number of exciting activities, world-class restaurants and unique tourist destinations is almost too vast to list.

Amid all the fun, however, it can be helpful to find a way to spend less on your visit to La Belle Province (an affectionate nickname for the province of Quebec). Whether you’re trying to stretch your vacation budget or want to include as much as possible in one trip, saving money is always a welcome ambition.

Montreal World Beer Festival

The secret of online contests

One of the best ways to spend less money wherever you are is to participate in online contests. If you want to find contests in Canada that offer prizes that you can use for a specific trip, your best option is to go to a website that provides local online contest listings.

The secret to winning online contests is to make sure you enter as many as possible that apply to your needs. If you use an online website that lists all the top contests, you can enter more of them, as you won’t have to spend more time researching other contests on the internet and trying to determine if they are worth it. worth it or not.

If you want to save money on the things you buy in Montreal, you’ll have to look for contests that offer prices specific to that city. Another way to use online contests for your trip is to enter as many contests as possible that offer cash prizes.

Coupon lists

Another great option to save money is to find coupons that apply to shopping and entertainment options in Montreal. For example, if you find franchise coupons that exist all over Canada, you can be sure to find them in Montreal. The websites dedicated to listing local online contests often also provide up-to-date information on coupons and giveaways.

What are freebies?

The same types of businesses that offer coupons sometimes also offer freebies. The difference between the two is that you often don’t have to buy anything up front to get free product samples. As long as the products apply to things you would like to pay for while traveling, such as food, transportation, or going to a theater, then you can save money on your trip.

Take a walking tour of Montreal

Montreal is a city filled with magnificent architecture and local art. It is not easy to go anywhere in the city without stumbling upon these breathtaking sites. As such, one way to see the city without spending a lot of money is to take a guided walking tour of Montreal’s best neighborhoods.

The best neighborhoods in Montreal:

  • The old Port
  • The tray
  • Downtown
  • Mile-end
  • Little Italy

offer a wide range of restaurants, shops and unparalleled sites. You might also consider stopping on the Main (rue St-Laurent) to buy wine and cheese to take away in the parks of Parc la Fontaine or Mount Royal.

When traveling to a big city, it can be easy to let your spending get out of hand. To keep your budget up to date while still having fun, keep tips like online contests, coupons, and giveaways in mind while on vacation.

Other articles from – –

Montreal SHAN Collection

The hottest and newest bikini styles

Duct cleaning Mtl
Over 18,000 homes caught fire due to blocked air vents

Mtl Duct Cleaning and dryer duct cleaning answering all your questions

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa in Montreal – Tickets Available

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Tripadvisor revamps Plus and turns rebates into cash back Tue, 21 Sep 2021 08:22:47 +0000

Three months after its official launch to consumers in the United States, Tripadvisor is making major changes to its Tripadvisor Plus membership program with the goal of attracting more hotels – especially large chains – to the program and, to their turn, more subscribers.

The most notable change concerns room rates. In the original version of Plus, which launched in beta in December 2020 and opened to hotels worldwide in March, hotels were offering Tripadvisor subscribers lower rates than what was publicly available on their websites and in exchange n did not have to pay any commission to Tripadvisor on reservations.

Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, Tripadvisor Plus will transition to a Subscriber Cash Back benefit.

Participating hotels will offer their lowest public rates and pay a commission on reservations. After check-in, Tripadvisor will pay the traveler an amount that, according to Tripadvisor Plus CEO Sean Graber, is calculated by an “internal algorithm” that “will return the vast majority of the commission … to consumers.” The company says the reward will equal the same “level of value” that subscribers experienced in the original Instant Savings Plus model.

Tripadvisor says that upon launch, it will send money to travelers within 24 hours of check-in through multiple payment partners.

“I don’t know if we’re even ready to disclose the different partners we’re going to use, but these are household names, payment solutions that you know well. We know the choice in those is really important, so we’ll be launching with a few and then we’ll continue to build additional payment channels, ”Graber said.

“The longer term vision is to create wallet technology on Tripadvisor, where when you book on Trip, you can earn funds in that wallet… and you can spend for the trip you’re currently on or put those funds in the bank. for the future to travel. “

The question of how the wallet will work – for example how a traveler can use the “wallet” to pay for a meal or spa service during their stay – is always an “open question,” says Graber. He says Tripadvisor hopes to work with hotels to develop solutions that will entice Plus members to spend the money on-site, instead saving it for future travel or taking it in cash.

Another essential but not entirely clear feature is how Tripadvisor will know that the guest has checked in at the hotel, thereby triggering payment of the reward. Tripadvisor spokesperson Brian Hoyt said the company would use “a mix of APIs and other methods” to track registrations.

According to a source who asked not to be identified due to a conflict of interest, “I’m not sure they’ve given any thought to any of this.”

Along with the complexity of tracking records, this source says she expects investors to be concerned about how the rewards will be funded – noting that the Tripadvisor stock ended the day down 7.6% .

“If hotels pay on their normal commission cycle, that is, after checkout, it’s about seven to 45 days after checkout. If Tripadvisor gives travelers money up front, mostly on arrival, how are they going to fund that? It’s bad from a cash flow perspective, ”the source said.

Tripadvisor claims that its commission model will be able to “always fund” the rewards program.

“What allows us to do that is just our knowledge of the technology and industry connectivity, and we can kind of smooth out the timing of those cash flows so that we can deliver more value to our travelers, ”Graber said.

Tripadvisor says this shift from discounts to booking to refunds at check-in comes after receiving feedback from subscribers and hoteliers over the past several months. Hoteliers have been concerned about rate parity since Tripadvisor was showing the discounted Plus member rate to non-subscribers in order to persuade them to sign up.

“Although we have tens of thousands of hotels today that you can access anytime through Tripadvisor Plus, we knew we wanted more on offer. Because our belief is that a larger offer directly equates to more travelers being able to access the benefits of the program, ”said Brian Hoyt, Tripadvisor spokesperson. Hoyt says the company expects “thousands of more” hotels to join Plus due to the ongoing changes.

But hospitality consultant Simone Puorto says he thinks the changes have less to do with parity issues than with Tripadvisor’s desire to repackage Plus because the hotels in the program have not performed well. Puorto says several of his clients have been participating for several months, “with almost no results.”

Puorto says a customer who sits in “Tripadvisor’s number one position in one of the busiest cities in the world” only got three bookings through Plus in about five months.

Hoyt says Tripadvisor continues to have “high hopes” for the program and believes that as more hotels join Plus, subscribers – then bookings – will follow.

“It starts with savings on hotels, but Tripdvisor Plus is much more than that. You have to take into account the advantages. You should take into account that you get discounts on rental cars, thanks to the Dollar Flight Club partnership on flights, and 10% off each bookable experience. The value beyond hosting is really starting to add up, ”he says.

In recent weeks, Tripadvisor has added benefits to subscribers through partnerships with Rent the Runway and Audible. Plus members also have access to travel planning services through Tripadvisor Text.

Puorto wonders if these perks are enough to entice travelers to pay the $ 99 subscription fee, especially when there are other options, such as which offers a 10% discount to its members. free program Genius.

The company says the original instant savings option for Plus could be maintained for some hotels if they express interest, but it plans to focus on developing the rewards model.

Tripadvisor is communicating the changes to hoteliers and will launch the revised program to consumers in the fourth quarter. The company says, based on feedback from early testing, it expects subscribers to welcome the change. However, Graber says that if a subscriber no longer wants to be part of the program with the new cashback model, Tripadvisor will adapt on a case-by-case basis.

* Check out this interview with Lindsay Nelson, Tripadvisor’s Head of Experience and Branding, discussing the introduction of Plus at the PhocusWire Pulse: Loyalty For The Long Haul event in March 2021.

PhocusWire Pulse: Long-Term Loyalty – Tripadvisor’s Lindsay Nelson

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Top tips to help you save for your first home Mon, 20 Sep 2021 06:39:39 +0000

Of the many obstacles that first-time buyers face when trying to get their first foot on the property ladder, one of the most difficult is saving for the initial deposit.

As more Britons hope to buy their first home, consumer credit expert Paul Wilson shares his advice on how to save for a home deposit.

Know how much you need to save

The first step is to figure out how much you can actually afford to spend on a house based on your income. You can do this informally yourself using an online calculator (try Google for “mortgage affordability calculator”) or to get a more accurate view you can consult a mortgage advisor. or a mortgage broker. The calculation of how much you can afford to spend will depend on the fixed part of your income and the variable part (eg overtime, bonuses, etc.). The maximum aggregate amount you can borrow will then be a “multiple” of that income amount.

The amount of mortgage you can afford will also determine how much you need to save for the deposit. At a minimum, it would usually be 5% of the value of the property, but if you can save 10% or more, it will improve the mortgage deals you can get and maybe even better rates.

By the way, I would also suggest you really think about your personal affordability. For example, you can talk to a high street construction company, and they may be willing to offer you a mortgage for £ 200,000 – but repayments from a mortgage of this size can leave you with very little leeway in your life. your finances, which makes it difficult to furnish or renovate your property or to build an emergency fund for example. It may be better for you to look for cheaper properties that will lower your monthly repayments and also lower the amount you need to save for your deposit.

Additionally – remember that the deposit is only part of the cost of buying a property – you should also factor in attorney fees (commonly known as Conveyancing), expenses for renovations, and furnishing your property and, depending on the value of the property, stamp duty (although first-time buyers are unlikely to cross the £ 300,000 threshold of the property price at which this must be paid).

So once you have a good idea of ​​how much you need to save, how do you raise the funds?

Enjoy a Lifetime ISA

This product allows you to pay up to £ 4,000 per year, to which the government adds a 25% bonus. So that could add up to £ 1,000 of free money every year! You also earn interest on your contributions. You can withdraw this money, including bonus funds, to use as a deposit for your first home. It should be noted that Lifetime ISAs are open to 18-40 year olds, and if the money is withdrawn for any reason other than a first-time home purchase, you will need to pay a 25% penalty.


Saving money really comes down to effective budgeting. Plan exactly how much you’re getting home, how much you have to pay for essential costs like rent, taxes, insurance, food, etc. Once you have your budget stick to it religiously and don’t be tempted to “treat yourself” or “take a month off to save”. When you know how much you can invest in your home savings each month, set up a standing order to transfer the money on payday. This way the money is taken out of your checking account and you are less likely to be tempted to dip into it.

Lower the costs

There are actually two ways to increase the amount of money you have available to dispose of each month: increase your income or reduce your expenses. The simpler of the two is without doubt to reduce your expenses. Take a look at your bank statements to see where you’re spending money each month (or use an app like Emma) and cut out anything you can do without. For example, you could:

– Cancel expensive subscriptions such as TV and entertainment services.
– Cancel your gym membership and exercise at home or outside, or attend fewer classes and pay as you go.
– Reduce your number of parties each month.
– Avoid eating out or spending on expensive take-out, and instead cook in batches at home and freeze portions for the week.
– Stop buying take-out coffees / hot drinks and fast food lunches, which are expensive and can quickly add up if bought every day. Do your best to make them at home in the morning instead.

Some of these money-saving measures can seem like big sacrifices, especially after the 18 months of limited freedom we all just went through due to lockdowns, but if you’re serious about getting a deposit can make a big difference to your savings.

Here are some other slightly more extreme saving ideas:

– Get rid of your car. While undoubtedly practical, cars are expensive to maintain and operate, with the cost of owning a car estimated to be over £ 3,400 per year. If you can alternately use public transport, cycling or walking, you could put a significant amount of money in your fundraiser.

– Change your current life situation. Rent is almost certainly a big part of your monthly expenses, so if there’s a way to eliminate or significantly reduce it, it could help you get your security deposit earlier. So, if possible, you can ask your parents to relocate for a reduced rent. The difference between your old rent and the new rent is all the money that can go straight to your fundraiser.

If that’s not an option for you, then maybe you could change your life situation from renting an entire property to renting a bedroom as a tenant? Websites such as allow you to search for available rooms in your area and most have bills included in the cost.

Increase your income

An effective way to quickly increase your savings is to take a second job. Some jobs are mostly done in the evening or on weekends, such as bartender, waiter, delivery driver, or stock replenishment. These could be conducted alongside your current job, and any money earned through this second role could go directly into your home savings plan.

All the money you save should be maximized through interest. Interest rates are not very good right now and haven’t been since the 2008 global financial crisis, but there are still fixed ISAs that pay around 1% which is better than just leave your money in your checking account. You can also try your luck by keeping your savings deposits in premium bonds.

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The 8 best ways to make money in 2021 Sun, 19 Sep 2021 06:48:42 +0000

There are many legal ways to make money around the world today, and in this technological age, running an online business is unsurprisingly the best way to make money. However, this is possible thanks to the growing number of internet users around the world with over 2 billion people connecting to the internet daily.

Still, while there are over a hundred online businesses around the world, the companies on this list remain the top-grossing businesses of 2021.

Online casinos have grown considerably over the past ten years. However, this is facilitated by the introduction of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cloud gaming which improve the quality of services offered to gamers. However, to operate an online casino, a license must be obtained from government authorities.

– Advertising –

Also, special attention should be paid to the choice of software vendor as it affects the quality and design of the games. However, offering efficient customer support, offering different payment options and strong security systems will bring more customers to your online casino. You can visit litecoin online casino right now to get a glimpse of an attractive casino structure.

Due to the physical restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the tutoring world has exploded. Many people are now turning to the Internet to learn a new skill and develop an existing skill. Hence, you can make money online by organizing courses at a cost for these people. Social media platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are channels that can be used for online tutoring.

Self-employment is a great way to make money in 2021. It involves creating content for websites, blogs, and organizations. You can only become a successful freelance writer if your writing is excellent. However, in addition to creating content that is free from grammar and spelling mistakes, understanding the principles of keyword usage will boost your reputation. Upwork and Fiverr are the best platforms for doing the best writing jobs.

Trading online is another great way to make money in 2021. Selling goods online is easy and all you need to do is find the right customers. You can be successful in selling products online by creating a functional website. Also, since most internet users are active on social media, start an aggressive social media marketing campaign using the services of a digital marketer. Most importantly, offering discounted rates and running deals will attract more customers and increase your reputation.

Application development involves the creation of applications for businesses and enterprises. You can earn up to $ 100,000 in one transaction if you are good at it. While you can still build apps using development software without code, designing an app using code is the real deal. However, in addition to making an app for a business owner, you can make money selling apps on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Blogging involves the sharing of ideas and knowledge about a particular niche. While this is very profitable, patience and discipline are essential virtues required to run a successful blogging business. After securing the services of a blog host and promoting the content on your blog, becoming a guest blogger will increase the popularity of your blog. Nonetheless, you can make a lot of money blogging by running ads on your business blog, sharing high quality content, using keywords in text developments, and becoming an affiliate marketer. .

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Graphic design remains a very popular activity. However, in this trade knowledge of design software is very necessary. CorelDraw is highly recommended software for beginners due to its relative ease of use. However, software like PhotoShop is also recommended for designers. Plus, LinkedIn and Upwork are great platforms for building portfolios and finding clients.

Podcasting is about sharing special knowledge through recordings and starting a podcast is cheap and affordable. You will need to acquire a recording machine and purchase software that will be used to edit the content. Plus, signing up on platforms like Podbean will effectively deliver your podcast. Still, serving business and brand ads is one way to make money from podcasts.

If you have a digital camera or a phone with an exceptional camera, putting it to work can net you a lot of money. Websites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are common online marketplaces for image trading, and you can make up to $ 120,000 per year if you provide great images each month.


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In addition to the list above, e-book publishing, virtual assistance, social media influence, online surveys, affiliate marketing, and job boards are 6 other ways to earn money. money in 2021. However, running an online casino remains the most commercial idea on this subject. list, and visiting King Billy Casino right away will help you set up your own casino.

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Lost and Found and Second Chance Deals around Lubbock Sun, 19 Sep 2021 06:38:03 +0000

While some think the sweetest rewards in life are the hard-earned rewards, I feel different. Although I appreciate the importance of the effort, I cherish the graces of life even more. If it goes without saying that our work bears fruit, how can we explain that good fortune occurs without our being responsible for it?

As an example, having other pilots make up for my mistakes is just one of the ways I was spared a fate I deserved. Since so many repayments bring life, I can’t help but savor them. With that in mind, this article will cover one money-making opportunity that is made even more enjoyable by the fact that it comes from a second chance:

• What: As unlikely as it sounds, our great state has millions of forgotten accounts, uncashed checks, uncashed deposits, and abandoned safes. Over time, the money in these accounts ends up in the custody of the Texas Comptroller’s Office. In fact, because of all the oversights, there is about $ 3.8 billion waiting to be claimed by the Texans. In Lubbock alone, there are over thousands of outstanding debts.