CHECK: Reba McEntire doesn’t ask fans for money online

In the Facebook Messenger screenshots sent to our VERIFY team, an account asks Facebook users to email them and then asks for money.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Has a celebrity contacted you? Some people on social media are telling our VERIFY team that Reba Mcentire, the famous county singer, is sneaking into their direct messages.

However, the red flags go up when the account starts asking for money.


Is Reba McEntire asking for money from internet users on social networks?



No, Reba McEntire doesn’t reach out to people on social media or ask for money.


If you know country, you know singer Reba McEntire. She’s a musician, actress, award winner, but does she really connect with people on Facebook?

“No, it’s basically an impostor scam,” Bartholomy said. “They post pictures of Reba and people can capture them and use them for their own benefit.”

In the Facebook Messenger screenshots sent to our VERIFY team, an account asks Facebook users to email them. Bartholomy said that’s when they usually ask for money.

“As soon as you engage with them, that’s when it’s obvious what’s going on and they’re looking to fundraise,” Bartholomy said.

This is not a new scam, Reba posted a statement on her verified Instagram page in 2018:

“IMPORTANT REMINDER: Reba’s ONLY official profiles – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – have a verified blue check mark. You will never receive a message from me asking for personal information or money. Be careful and do not respond if you get a message asking for something like this! “

“They’re digging into their bag of tricks. With the pandemic, the number of pandemic-related scams is going down, so they’re looking at things that have worked in the past to see if it will work now,” Bartholomie said.

According to Bartholomy, it’s always important to check out the celebrity’s real websites and know that she typically won’t contact people on social media asking for money.

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