CM Charanjit Singh Channi Announces Rs 240 Crore Grant to Cash-strapped Punjabi University | Ludhiana News

PATIALA: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi, on Wednesday announced the increase in the annual grant to the University of Punjab from 114 crore rupees to 240 crore rupees. Channi visited the university, which had been facing a financial crisis in recent years and asked for debt relief, with the Minister of Finance, and announced that she would “take over” financial obligations, including her loan. bank of Rs 150 crore.
In the budget presented in March of this year, the state government announced a special grant of Rs 90 crore for the university against the request of Rs 400 crore. In April, the Punjabi University finance committee adopted a deficit budget of approximately Rs 129 crore for the current fiscal year (2021-22) while last year it adopted a deficit budget of Rs 296 crore.
“We are implementing a new model of education ‘Navi Soch Navan Punjab’. Each year, the state government will provide Rs 240 crore in annual grant to this university. Rs 20 crore is a monthly expenditure of Punjabi University that it needs from the state government, but the government gave it a monthly grant of Rs 9.5 crore … It is our responsibility to provide quality education for students and to ensure that universities do not face any financial problems. crisis. So, we decided to provide a monthly grant of 20 crore rupees to Punjabi University. In addition, we have taken over 150 crore rupees in bank loans from the University of Punjabi, ”he said.
Channi said: “The incumbent VC (Prof Arvind) and his predecessor (Prof BS Ghumman) had also approached me (during his tenure) for financial assistance. But in reality, decisions are made by those who run the government and not by the chief minister. I therefore thank the Minister of Finance who came here with me to resolve this problem of the financial crisis. ”
Addressing the rally at the university, Channi said it was created to promote the Punjabi language. “I thank those who created this university and gave the Punjab this good institution that serves both the Punjabi language and its people. We should be proud of our mother tongue, Punjabi, and of both this institution and the state government.
He later inaugurated the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training and the Center for Ecosystem Restoration of Punjab, saying that says a lot about the university’s tireless efforts to explore new avenues in entrepreneurship in order to generate jobs, especially in the Malwa region.
VC-MLA line
Ghanaian assembly segment congressman in Patiala district Madan Lal Jalalpur refused to share a seat with the university vice-chancellor, alleging he was appointed by order of the RSS during the term of Capt Amarinder Singh as CM. The VC was about to sit down with the chief minister and others for a press conference, but Jalalpur refused to join them. “I plan to file a defamation complaint against MPP Madan Lal Jalalpur, who has behaved publicly and made baseless allegations. I’m an international scientist and I don’t want to engage with him at his level, ”said the VC.
CM on ‘false kejriwal’
Responding to a media question about the “Kejriwal’s false remark” by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, Channi said: “When the pain intensifies, such responses are expected from them. Now they’ve gone mind-boggling and gone off the rails. They are themselves false. They want people to go off the track saying such things to provoke others, but now their system has failed. We continue to think positively and positively for Punjab and move forward on this path. I wouldn’t blame anyone for copying me or criticizing them (our rivals). We are improving and bringing everything required of the people of Punjab. Regarding the guarantees announced by Kejriwal in Punjab, Channi said: “We are not only giving guarantees, but doing the job in reality.

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