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By MD Kittle

MADISON – The left-wing cop-hate group that proclaimed “all actions against racist state violence are justified“, obtained a substantial federal loan financed by taxpayers, according to the files.

Based in Madison Liberty Inc. received a $150,000 loan from the Paycheck Protection Program as part of trillions of dollars in federal COVID-19 relief, according to a online database. The forgivable loan was approved on May 6, 2020 and was paid on payroll.

In total, taxpayers must pay $151,151, including interest, for the injection of money into the racist group’s bank account.

Director of Freedom Inc., Monica Adams earns a six-figure salary as head social assistance group which has received at least $3.7 million in public funds over the past six years. The funding includes nearly $900,000 in federal grants awarded by Liberal Attorney General Josh Kaul. Gov. Tony Evers’ Department of Children and Families has donated an additional $730,000 to Freedom Inc. since the start of 2019.

As Empower Wisconsin reported on Thursday, Freedom Inc. is offering a “Politics Education for Teachers against White Supremacy” training this week. The organization recently announced the “training” sessions as part of the national Black Lives Matter at School month led by the Marxist BLM. Schools across America, including Madison and Milwaukee, are implementing the action agenda that Black Lives Matter imposes on them, like lessons that call for “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.

The sessions, according to Freedom Inc. and friends, “will help elevate our demands for police-free schools and equip teachers with the skills to challenge white supremacy in their schools and communities and create a sanctuary for black students, students of color, girls, LGBTQIA+ students, and students with disabilities.”

“While this is the responsibility of MMSD (Madison Schools) and other districts nationwide, we recognize that the districts are unwilling to support justice demands to maintain the status quo. Community-led education, on the other hand, takes seriously the need to destroy the status quo,” Freedom Inc Facebook Page declared.

Urban sorting Inc., another racial rage group leading the 2020 Madison riots, received a forgivable PPP loan in the lead $49,000 with interest. The loan was approved on April 28, 2020. Urban Triage Founder and CEO Brandi Grayson described the United States as the first “white supremacist state.”

“We must dismantle all systems rooted in military conquest that created what we call America,” Grayson said.

Like MacIver News reported:

Urban Triage has partnered with other radial activist organizations like Freedom Inc. and the Party for Socialism and Liberation to harness the volatile social climate following the George Floyd incident. As mobs of young people vandalize, loot and terrorize Madison, these groups defend them in the media. They were furious that the public criticized the looters and sympathized with their victims.

“The spirit you see exploding from our youth right now is the warrior spirit!” Brandi Grayson said during a press conference.

the The Dane County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last year to award Urban Triage a $12.4 million contract to administer the county’s ARPA rental assistance program. Urban Triage will pocket $1.7 million to administer the program.

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