COVID-19 Status Update for 10/09/2021

Marin County’s COVID-19 status update for September 10, 2021 includes data showing local cases have declined since starting school; and local COVID-19 data updates.

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Marin County’s COVID-19 status update is released on weekdays and as needed to share important news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the local economy running. We stay there for you.

Data shows local cases have declined since the start of the school year

We have received several requests for updates regarding the opening of schools and how this might affect our local case rates. Additionally, those who have reviewed the updated school scorecard may be concerned about the numbers compared to the number from the previous school year.

Comparing the previous school year to this school year is not a direct comparison. Here are a few reasons why:

  • For most of the 2020-21 school year, Marin was subject to more stringent protocols, ranging from varying levels of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy to even a stay-at-home order in December. These activity restrictions have significantly reduced the risk of COVID-19 in our community and on school campuses.
  • The total number of student days recorded during the 2020-21 school was reached by a much smaller number of students attending full-time and in person.

The situation for the current 2021-22 school year is different:

  • In the community, there are very few restrictions on staff, families, students, including ineligible unvaccinated students (ages 5-11).
  • Travel is not that restricted; concerts, festivals and other big events are back; and our routines are getting closer to normal before the pandemic.
  • The number of students now represents the total student population of Marin.
  • Marin now has easier access to tests, including home tests, and faster results.

With those factors in mind, the numbers on our schools dashboard aren’t significantly higher than last year when we take a snapshot from apples to apples. In fact, they are below expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccination in our community and on the school campus. Here’s a snapshot for comparison, measuring similar student days:

School year 2020-21:

Snapshot: Friday, December 15, 2020 (Stay Home command in effect)

  • 525,507 student – days
  • 61 COVID + people
  • 2 suspected school transmissions

School year 2021-22:

Snapshot: Friday, September. 3, 2021 (only interior mask mandate in force)

  • 517,481 students – days
  • 71 COVID + people
  • 4 suspected school transmissions

Overall, we view the school as a stabilizing, structured, supervised and supportive environment that reduces the transmission of COVID-19 throughout the county. When school started we saw a rapid decrease in case rates for all ages across Marin.

(View and interact with this graphic on our monitoring webpage)

This demonstrates, with great confidence, that a multi-level approach to in-person education is highly effective in reducing the risk of COVID transmission across the county. This data reinforces our political decision to strongly recommend the opening of schools for full-time in-person instruction since the summer of 2020.

COVID-19 data update:

Below is a summary of today’s data now available on the Marin Data & Surveillance webpage. Check out the page for a wider range of data, as well as interactive charts for confirmed COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Data analysis is available by age group, gender, race, and city / town / geographic region. Questions about the data? Check out our data FAQ or contact us.

Looking for daily data trends? Our Marin Data & Surveillance webpage uses Tableau dashboards to visualize the impact of COVID-19 in Marin County. Below each dashboard are links to datasets available on the Marin County Open Data Portal.

COVID-19 case data

Today’s report

Change from yesterday

Total Cumulative Confirmed Cases

14 342

+ 43

“Active cases” (confirmed in the last 14 days)


+ 13

Total cumulative deaths


+ 0

Current COVID-19 hospitalizations


– 2

Current census of COVID-19 intensive care patients


+ 0

COVID-19 vaccination data

Today’s report

Change since the last status update

Marin residents aged 12 and over vaccinated with at least one dose


+ 169

Percentage of Marin population aged 12 and over who received at least one dose


+ 0.0%

Percentage of Marin population aged 12 and over who have completed the series of vaccines.


+ 0.2%

Percentage of the total population of Marin that is ‘fully immune’ (more than 14 days after the final dose)


+ 0%

COVID-19 Data on Residential Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities:

Today’s report

Change from yesterday

Positive patients in cumulative facilities


+ 0

Positive patients in current facilities


+ 0

Positive staff in current facilities


– 1

Patient deaths in institutions


+ 0

Institutional patient deaths as a percentage of all COVID + deaths


+ 0.0%

Indicate COVID-19 data:

Today’s report

Change from yesterday

Confirmed cases in California

4 331 605

+ 9 244

California Deaths


+ 165

Other local and state data dashboards:

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