Boca Raton, Fla., November 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CYIOS Corp: (OTC PINK: CYIO), a publicly traded holding company with subsidiary businesses focused on crypto-lending, crypto-trading and NFTs has Pleasure to announce has completed the acquisition of the NFT Randombly platform company. The acquisition was completed as an all-equity transaction, with CYIOS acquiring 100% of Ranombly in exchange for a minority stake of less than 5% in the company. Randombly is an advanced NFT platform for minting and trading NFTs using Ethereum and ERC721 smart contracts.

Mr. John O’Shea, President of Cyios Corp said, “We are very pleased to have completed the acquisition of Randombly. The Randombly platform offers unique functionality and the ability to create a wide range of digital art and collectibles in NFTs, including images, audio, 3D art, videos, cases, prizes and more. Using Ethereum and the ERC-721 Non-Fungible and ERC1155 Multi-Fungible Token Standard smart contracts, Randombly enables artists, investors, collectors, and publishers to create, auction, and host their digital art, all in one place. Beta testing on the platform is underway, with security audits for the site, platform, and smart contracts to be completed ahead of launch, which is expected to be in early December. The platform enables the company to build its own user base and tap into the growing NFT market. Randombly will add another layer to the ecosystem developed by CYIOS Corporation by bringing an NFT platform that can be used by its clients who will trade on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. This brings together the trading, lending, and minting / NFT processes. With the future tokenization, fintech and NFT loan in development, CYIOS creates a complete solution within the crypto community on a global scale.

Alex Perez, CEO and Founder of Randombly, said: “Randombly is incredibly excited to become a wholly owned subsidiary of CYIOS Corporation, joining Helio Lending to add another key element to their crypto ecosystem. Ranombly will be the NFT component of the lineup which includes a crypto exchange as well as a crypto lending platform to form a trio of incredible deals on a global scale. One of the most interesting aspects of the acquisition will be the wide range of NFT options available. From art to real estate and almost everything in between, this platform will not only allow minting and selling, but the added value of being able to lend against NFT for the assets that they are, all on the ETH blockchain.

“In addition to launching the NFT platform, the company is preparing to release highly coveted and never-before-released assets and IP addresses from the world of Super Hero Entertainment in partnership with one of the most notable and recognized names. Of the industry. Further details on this special collection and this NFT partnership will be available. The partnership includes the creation of individual characters, as well as intellectual property rights for future commercial use, ”concluded Mr. O’Shea.


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About Randombly, LLC
Randombly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyios, created by a team of crypto enthusiasts. Randombly is an Ethereum NFT collectibles platform like no other, supporting the creation of 3D art, audio, video, images, crates, bundles, and more. Using Ethereum and the ERC-721 Non-Fungible and ERC1155 Multi-Fungible Token Standard smart contracts, Randombly allows artists, investors, and collectors to create, auction, and host their digital art, all in one place. For more information and to register for the Randombly launch, please visit Where

About CYIOS Corporation
CYIOS Corporation is a publicly traded holding company with subsidiaries Helio Lending and Choice Wellness Inc. Through these subsidiaries, the Company focuses on cryptocurrency lending through Helio’s CeFi Aggregator platform, and Choice Wellness focuses on the development and commercialization of specialty branded health products. and the Well-being markets, including the product brands “DR’s CHOICE” and “24”. The team has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and wellness markets, the financial services industry, medical and healthcare services, and blockchain. The Company seeks to develop, distribute and license proprietary products as well as to assess potential acquisition opportunities. In addition, the Company continues to seek and assess attractive business opportunities and to leverage its resources and expertise to build a diverse and sustainable business model. For more information, please visit

About Helio Lending, PTY LTD
Founded in 2018, Helio Lending has developed a CeFi cryptocurrency lending platform, headquartered in Australia. Recognized as the first to be marketed in Australia, Helio Lending was the first independent cryptocurrency lender to actively lend in Australia. Helio has since evolved and positioned itself as the leading CeFi (centralized finance) aggregator in the world. Helio has a large panel of partners offering access to the best rates and offers for crypto loan providers as well as a competitive yield generating platform. Helio Lending offers cryptocurrency holders (like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple) a safe and secure way to access fiat funds at the best rates, without selling any of their cryptocurrency.

About ChoiceWellness, Inc.
ChoiceWellness, Inc. is a health and wellness company that marketed the DR’s CHOICE line of products, as well as the “24” brand hand sanitizer products. DR’s CHOICE was developed with a mission to provide physicians and physicians with their own professional-grade CBD BRAND with a suite of products they could support and be sure to deliver to their patients. Our customers can be assured that DR’s CHOICE CBD products have undergone careful testing for purity, potency and quality. DR’s Choice products have been brought to the market for physicians and healthcare professionals looking for a better solution for patients with pain, inflammation, anxiety or other persistent symptoms. For more information, please visit or write to us at [email protected]

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