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The goal of this position is to set up system applications and automate the tools that the company uses to record, organize, store, secure and access data. They have specialized skills in generating visual analyzes, dashboards and ad hoc reports for the business


Reports and analyzes

Design, develop and maintain business intelligence reports and analyzes.
Extract and analyze data, statistics and information from various sources and interpret and produce relevant reports, summaries and briefing notes that will be used to inform business decisions.
Identify relevant data sources from which to draw information
Provide data-driven business process analysis to improve customer focus, efficiency, accuracy, and process efficiency.

Report design and maintenance

Understand and accept the report specification format required by the company.
Facilitate the process of information analysis and reporting, identifying and discussing trends, communicating their findings to relevant stakeholders.
Work with a variety of internal stakeholders to translate data reporting, insight and data extracts needs.
Integrate data from multiple sources to produce requested or required data elements
Optimize visual information for easier consumption and actionable metrics.
Maintain processes to ensure data accuracy and current relevance and representation
Ensure the client receives the support required to implement recommendations and solutions

Optimization and automation

Provide recommendations to clients and create technical tools and structures based on client needs.
Identify process improvements to streamline data collection and reporting.
Review and modify requirements, specifications, business processes and recommendations related to proposed solutions.
Design, develop, test automation workflows
Deployment of automation components: bots, robots, development tools
Support the implementation of automation solutions


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in statistics, computer science, commerce or related field
3 years of experience preferably in Contact Centers or BPO
Data modeling
Extract the transformation charge
Enterprise data warehouse
Advanced SQL
SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Service)
Microsoft SQL (MS SQL)

Desired skills:

  • Data storage
  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • PowerBI
  • Data modeling
  • Automating
  • Advanced SQL

Desired qualification level:

About the employer:

Merchants is a leading BPO solution provider specializing in customer experience and customer interactions. We focus on people, processes and technology to create great customer experiences.

We are passionate about people and our ability to attract the best talent, coupled with our rich history of success and innovation in different industries around the world, is what sets us apart from our competition.

Employer and benefits:

  • Contingency fund
  • Medical aid
  • Performance bonus

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