Death of Sangli: FIR against 25 people for incitement to suicide

Hours after nine people from a family were found dead, Miraj police charged 25 people with aiding and abetting suicide and money lenders law, officials said.

Late Monday, police arrested 10 of the 25 people charged.

According to Sangli SP Dixit Gedam, a complaint has been filed against people who either lent money to the deceased family without permission or pressured them to collect dues.

“We filed an offense at Miraj Police Station under IPC 306 and Section 39 of the Money Lenders Act against 25 defendants. They were booked based on the revelations of the suicide note. The victims had taken money from people and the defendants were convicted of complicity in suicide. We will investigate to find out the total amount borrowed by the deceased,” Gedam said.

The deceased brothers who were found dead on Monday had incurred huge debts and were reluctant about their daily lives, said residents of Mhaisal and police officials investigating the case. In the note recovered by the police, the two brothers indicated that the money had been borrowed for “business purposes”.

The father-in-law of the deceased said he was in Mhaisal village for six days in May for medical treatment when he saw that the deceased was suffering from financial difficulties.

“Someone used to call my son-in-law and they were talking about black magic. The man had apparently taken large sums from my son-in-law,” the stepfather said.

According to locals, the family members had borrowed money from different people and institutions and were looking for “precious items”.

The deceased, according to local villagers, was allegedly looking for an “alloy of copper and iridium” to sell at a high price, said a village resident who did not wish to be named.

At least one of the neighbors said the family was struggling financially.

Sandeep Mehtre, a resident of Mhaisal, said the deceased family had been looking for ‘Gupt dhan’ (hidden treasure) and consulted astrologers.

“They had borrowed money and were in loan bondage, possibly because of money spent exploring hidden money.”

Locals said some groups of people approached the family about the search for stones and promised them help, citing that finding the stones would earn them a lot of money if they were sold abroad. .

However, the police said that these allegations were not yet substantiated by their investigations. “As of now, nothing related to the treasure hunt has come forward,” Gedam said.

When the bodies of the family members were found, police found notices served in April and May by a cooperative credit society regarding the collection of dues worth a few lakhs.

Police said they would interview neighbors and relatives from whom the family took a loan to find the purpose behind the excessive borrowing. The deceased came from middle-class families.

Special IG Manoj Lohiya said that while one of the deceased was in a difficult situation, the other was doing well in his veterinary practice.

Another villager on condition of anonymity said one of the deceased had invested in various funds/chit funds. However, the Hindustan Times could not independently verify this information.

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