DITO CME plans to build a “hyperscaler” data center

Through Arjay L. Balinbin, Senior reporter

DITO CME Holdings Corp. is looking to set up a data center in Clark to serve global technology companies, its chairman said.

“We have been in talks with about three interested foreign partners,” said DITO CME President and Director Ernesto R. Alberto. Business world in a recent virtual interview.

“We are continuing discussions with foreign partners that will allow us to consider an economic model to operate hyperscalers, because this [will determine] the viability of [our] investment [to] attract those big locators to the country. These hyperscaler companies serve their customers across… Asia-Pacific and ASEAN, ”he added.

He noted that this was only a “time” for the company to take its plan to the next level, given the pandemic.

“When the opportunity arises, I think what we can bring to the table in any partnership is that we have real estate, we [also] we have accomplished it internally, in particular with telecommunications operators…, and we have the local expertise that will allow us to achieve this, ”said Alberto.

The region’s data center hubs, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong, are facing challenges. Hong Kong faces geopolitical risks due to China’s National Security Law, while Singapore has issued a moratorium on freezing the construction of data centers due to sustainability concerns and landmass shortages.

“There is… an opportunity, not only for telecom operators, but also for stand-alone tech companies that are moving away from Hong Kong because they have over-invested there, like Google and Amazon – especially US companies – to reasons we already know, and they are looking in the Philippines, among many other countries, for data center space. It is under discussion today, ”said Alberto.

“It’s a good opportunity. It’s just a matter of timing and capital. We have real estate assets in particular in Clark, with Udenna Land, Inc. owning the new central business district, ”he added.

DITO Telecommunity Corp. and Udenna Land inaugurated in April this year the first data center of the new telecommunications player in Clark Global City, which is on its way to becoming the central business district of northern and central Luzon.

DITO CME, which owns 54% of DITO Telecommunity, manages the Udenna group’s investments in media, communications, entertainment and information technology. It has three digital companies: Unalytics, which provides managed analytics services; Acuity Global, which organizes media properties across all platforms and provides media planning and purchasing; and Luna Academy, an online education platform aimed at equipping users with future-ready skills, credentials and certificates.

On Friday, DITO CME shares closed down 1.19% at 6.62P each.

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