Don’t Be Skeptical – These 8 Money-Making Efforts Actually Work

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When it comes to making money, there are a lot of side hustles that can’t hold the promise of a big win, and they also seem a bit sketchy.

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However, many unlikely money-making methods are more effective than you think – if you’re willing to try. Here are eight endeavors that come with some skepticism, but can also earn you money relatively quickly.

Become a blogger

Sitting at your computer to blog might seem like an unlikely way to make money, but not according to Kamyar Shah, CEO of World Consulting Group. “Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online because you can do it from anywhere in the world with a laptop and an internet connection.”

However, you are not going to make money writing on your own. “You can monetize your blog by directly selling advertising space on it or by sharing the profits with companies that sell products relevant to your blog content,” he said. “All of your income comes from advertisers who pay you to display their content on your blog pages or through affiliate fees. The earning potential is huge because there’s room for everyone who wants to take advantage of it.

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Peer-to-peer lending

While most secondary scams that ask you to put your money up front are likely a scam, there is one area where it works to your advantage. You can make money on interest through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, said Alex Mastin, CEO and Founder of Homegrounds.

“Lending Club is the largest peer-to-peer lending site in the world. The process of getting started is very simple: open an account, link your bank account and/or credit cards, then choose from hundreds of different loans (personal loans, student loans, mortgages, etc.) and invest any amount of money. you want, from $1 and up. Your interest rate is influenced by both your risk rating and your choice of investment portfolio.

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Run an errand service

While running errands for people seems less than glamorous, demand for errand services has increased, according to Mathias Ahlgren, founder and owner of Website Rating.

“A lot of people would rather not be in the pandemic as much as possible. There are also elderly people and people with disabilities who would like help with their daily tasks. Why not start an errand service where you handle things like dropping off a package at the post office, picking up groceries, or picking up food orders for people? »

By doing it yourself, locally, and not through an organization, you can also save on the fees a company would take from you.

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Take online surveys

While you may not be able to quit your day job in this line of work, taking online surveys on certain sites can earn you extra money.

“Many people look down on online surveys or participate in market research panels. However, many of these companies pay their members literally millions every year,” said Ben Taylor, business and IT consultant and founder of

Be careful of “fraudulent” companies, however, he warned. “It is crucial to do your research and discern which sites to use. Choosing the right ones can mean access to a stable side income with no specialist skills required.

Sites like and are good places to start.

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Returning clothes, furniture or cars

Here’s a side hustle that’s going to require a bit more skill and creativity. If you’re into thrift stores and vintage items, Amanda Sullivan, research analyst at CreditDonkey, recommends “trying to make money by restoring and redesigning clothes, furniture, or cars.” She adds, “You’ll need a bit of capital to get this one started, but it’s definitely worth it as a lot of people are willing to pay top dollar for a unique piece.”

Take care of pets

“Pet care is a side business that many may despise, but it makes real money,” said Kathy Bennett, founder and CEO of Bennett Packaging.

“Sites like Rover have turned pet sitting into a profitable side gig and some people are even turning to doing it full time,” Bennett said. “Activities like walking dogs, grooming, feeding and even entertaining pets can bring in a lot of money. Pet parents who can afford the services of caregivers often have middle to high incomes and can afford to part with a pretty penny.

Becky Neubauer, Money Coach and Founder of TwentyFree, added: “The real money you can make is by hosting pets in your home. Instead of charging $25 an hour to walk a dog, you can charge an overnight boarding rate of up to $60 per dog for just a little more work than walking the dog.

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Start an Affiliate Website

If you don’t mind supporting other companies’ products or services, affiliate websites or marketing can make you a lot of money, said Billy Chan, digital marketer and founder of drone affiliate site DroneLast. com. “The reason I started my affiliate website in 2021 was that I anticipated people’s shopping habits would change forever. They are welcoming online shopping more than ever. It’s also the best time to create your own online stores or affiliate websites and ride the wave of digital consumerism.

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Drop shipping

According to Carter Seuthe, CEO of Credit Summit, the concept of dropshipping is subject to a lot of criticism. “Dropshipping is where you start a business and don’t keep inventory, but basically use the sales you get to buy the item for less than you charge and have it shipped from the manufacturer.”

This method is popular on eBay and Amazon where the seller has the order fulfilled by a third-party store, he said. “But once you have capital, you can use Shopify and build your own niche-focused site.” However, you need to offer a narrow selection of products in a niche that doesn’t have much competition. “This way, you can deliver well-targeted ads and get sales from your target customers.

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