Don’t use personal money for community projects, NYSC warns of corps members

The National Youth Service Corps has cautioned potential corps members against using their personal funds for community projects.

NYSC chief executive Shuaibu Ibrahim gave the warning on Monday during the nationwide virtual address to the 2021 “C” stream from two potential corps members and camp officials.

A statement titled “Corps members charged with teamwork, patriotism” revealed that the CEO also cautioned corps members against borrowing money to carry out projects.

Rather, Ibrahim postulated that potential body members should seek funds within the community where the project would take place.

“Don’t borrow money and don’t use your personal money to carry out projects,” Ibrahim said in the statement.

Ibrahim advised potential Corps members that they should choose personal or group projects that could be completed during the period of the year of service.

During the remarks, the CEO also explained to the group members how they could become the winners of the NYSC Presidential Award.

“In order for you to win the NYSC President’s National Hounours Award, your evaluation begins on your first day of camp and you must have excelled in the four NYSC cardinal programs, namely; Orientation course, main assignment, community development service and liquidation / fainting, ”Ibrahim said.

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