Homeowner Foreclosure Help protects and defends struggling homeowners. The new consumer advocacy program helps homeowners fight back and save their homes from foreclosure.

COVID mortgage relief is over and banks are now foreclosing homeowners at an alarming rate. Foreclosure rates are up 139% since January last year, when foreclosure activity remained low due to the pandemic-related foreclosure moratorium. Homeowner Foreclosure Help provides a lifeline for homeowners still facing foreclosure after the government’s COVID moratorium stopped protecting them.

Boulder, Colorado March 01, 2022 –(PR.com)– Although it appears that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many Americans are still facing economic hardship due to the loss of wages and businesses over the past two years, as well only inflation and supply chain problems. The government has provided help to struggling homeowners with a moratorium on foreclosures and forbearance options on certain types of loans. Now all government assistance has ceased and foreclosures have increased again. Foreclosure rates are up 139% since January last year, when foreclosure activity remained low due to the pandemic-related foreclosure moratorium (www.sofi.com/learn/content/foreclosure-rates-for-50-states/). As a result, about one million borrowers nationwide were unable to make payments for at least six months, and the share of borrowers in arrears of six months or more accounted for about half of total delinquencies in July (https://www.corelogic.com/intelligence/approximately-one-million-homeowners-remain-at-least-six-months-behind-on-payments/). Middle-class Americans face tough choices trying to negotiate and deal with an aggressive repairer or mortgage lender pushing them into foreclosure.

Homeowner Foreclosure Help protects and defends struggling homeowners. Their revolutionary consumer advocacy program helps the homeowner fight their lender, level the playing field, and pressure the lender/servicer to negotiate and play fair, restructure, and modify delinquent mortgages. The Consumer Advocacy Program is rewriting the rules of the mortgage industry by aggressively challenging lenders who do not follow rules or guidelines and denying consumers access to internal and government programs that are provided to struggling homeowners who have been affected by COVID-19 and the economy.

Many homeowners are back to work and have the ability to pay their initial mortgage payments, but the lender refuses to work with them and won’t accept the regular payment. They tell them that the only option is a lump sum payment of the full overdue amount (including legal fees and penalties), otherwise they will seize your house. This all-or-nothing solution doesn’t work for most homeowners.

With years of experience and expertise, their team of advocates have figured out how to “crack the code” and force a regulated entity to come to the table to play fair and provide a positive resolution so owners can permanently restructure their loan even if it had been previously refused. by their lender.

Homeowner Foreclosure Help also offers foreclosure bailout loans, also known as bridging loans, to qualified applicants through their network of private lenders with a fast turnaround time of 10-30 days. Loans are not based on credit score or income. Late mortgage payments or even a foreclosure auction date does not disqualify if all other criteria are met.

For homeowners who failed to act and now find themselves receiving an eviction notice after a foreclosure sale, Homeowner Foreclosure Help is able to provide eviction defense services, protecting them from illegal evictions , assisting with the preparation of legal documents and helping homeowners stay in their homes for 3-9 months after a foreclosure auction. Eviction defense services can also assist with recovering excess equity, negotiating keys for payment, or lease negotiations.

The bad news is that there is still a foreclosure crisis hitting many American families in the face. The good news is that Homeowner Foreclosure Help offers several options to help homeowners get relief and save their home. The Consumer Advocacy Program can help homeowners who are behind on their mortgage and who face a brick wall with their lender. Homeowner Foreclosure Help will work to get the lender to recapitalize their late payments and permanently restructure their loan through modification with an exclusive, aggressive and highly successful strategy. Foreclosure rescue loans are a great option for qualified applicants based on property value, not credit. For homeowners who have already lost their home, the Eviction Defense Program is a way to fight back and challenge eviction and gain extra time in the property and have a dignified exit.


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