InfoSum launches proprietary data collaboration platform

InfoSum launches proprietary data collaboration platform

July 28, 2022

In New York, data collaboration platform InfoSum has launched a data protection and privacy solution called Platform Sigma, which the company says provides organizations with the “safest and most secure” infrastructure. to build and manage their own data clean rooms.

InfoSum’s infrastructure allows businesses to collaborate on proprietary and secondary datasets, helping them create a single customer identity system without ever moving data between parties.

Its new Platform Sigma solution was designed to enable first-party data transformation, application and analysis without sharing or moving. It provides a software layer that can be built on top of any existing technology stack, to power private and secure collaboration between multiple proprietary datasets. The release includes a file streaming solution based on customers’ cloud infrastructure, through which to fully operationalize first-party motionless data.

Additionally, the solution helps companies manage, prepare, process, query and activate first-party data; while allowing third parties to build web applications directly on InfoSum’s infrastructure. President and CEO Brian Lesser (pictured) comments, “The Sigma Platform represents the next step in data collaboration, removing all barriers to entry for businesses to extract the full value of their first-party data – securely – without risk and without limits.’


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