Inspired by movie, Bengaluru real estate agent murders his wife on suspicion of her loyalty – The New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: A real estate agent, who suspected his wife’s loyalty, took inspiration from the 1993 thriller “Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake” to hatch a plot to eliminate him. On Wednesday, he slit her throat at their residence in Aarogya Layout and escaped. But the law has caught up, and police in Annapurneshwarinagar arrested real estate agent Kantharaju, 39, on Friday.

Police said Kantharaju, who is also a pawnshop, suspected the loyalty of his wife Roopa (34) and argued with her frequently. He confessed to police that after watching ‘Baa Nalle …’, where the main character takes his wife to the Himalayas, pushes her off the top of a hill and makes her look like an accident, he plots a similar plot.

A few months ago, Kantharaju took his wife with her friends to Jog Falls and tried to push her off the hill. Roopa managed to escape with minor injuries, but she didn’t reveal it to anyone. A few days later, he tried to run into her while backing up. But she immediately pulled away and the car hit the perimeter wall.

A month ago, he took Roopa to Dharmasthala where Roopa tried to convince him that she was not having an extramarital affair and he made her a promise in front of Lord Manjunatha. But he continued to be suspicious of her and continued to check her phone.

On Wednesday night, he got into an argument with Roopa and, in a fit of rage, slit her throat. He then locked the door from the outside and fled. Their eight-year-old son, returned home from school, found his mother lying in a pool of blood and informed his grandparents who alerted the police.

Kantharaju told police that he went to Hassan to get rid of the knife he used to kill Roopa. He had thought that if the murder weapon was not found, the police would not be able to find him. He threw the knife into a river, went to Dharmasthala, shaved his head, and confessed to God. He returned to town on Friday and the police arrested him.

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