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Officially supported by the Saudi Cloud Computing Association, Trescon’s World Cloud & Data Center Show hosts global leaders in the cloud and data center industries. An event to commemorate cloud bigwigs, the World Cloud & Data Center Show will be held November 28-29 at the InterContinental Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 16, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The Saudi market is expected to grow due to growing demand for faster and easier implementation of cloud services. The 20e edition of the World Cloud Show will highlight what the Kingdom has in store for investors, IT professionals and technology enthusiasts to support this development.

The event is intended to highlight fundamental data strategies and the digital blueprint that will propel the coming era of cloud adoption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiative will bring together outstanding industry-leading speakers and a host of C-level technology decision-makers, as well as CMOs, CDOs, CXOs and industry practitioners.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving rapidly towards a data-driven economy, and I really look forward to exchanging ideas with all my industry peers,” said Saqib Mahmud, Executive Director – Digital Transformation and Innovation, National Water Company, KSA.

“This year, the show will highlight the development of cloud and data center governments as it is a key enabler to build a vibrant digital kingdom. Moreover, it is a mega contribution to the digital economy which will be the major generator of financial funds for governments worldwide by 2040. The mega contribution to economy of scale data center is the use of large scale data center which will also impact significant impact on the global digital economy”, Essam Said Al Ghamdi, The Royal Riyadh City Commission was found citing.

Professor Muhammad Khurram Khan, The Global Foundation for Cybersecurity Studies and Research said: “Trescon’s upcoming event in Riyadh is key to highlighting and discussing master data strategies and digital transformation initiatives that will drive the next phase of cloud adoption.”

Special segment of the World Cloud & Data Center Show; women in technology

World Cloud & Data Center Show will bring together female tech ambassadors who unite a thousand other women and become role models for global diversity in tech, spearheading change in the Kingdom. The event will also showcase a roster of influential women in tech who will drive forward HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s ambitious vision and Saudi Vision 2030.

This segment will recognize and honor tech-savvy women who have carved out a place for themselves in their respective fields; AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, quantum computing and other emerging technologies. An exclusive appointment to celebrate progress and achievements, share knowledge, experiences on building the digital future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The World Cloud & Data Center Show will recognize and commend technologists, scientists, researchers, innovators and women in leading positions in technology.

Estimated selection of women leaders in technology:

  • Alia Bhanshal – Director of the National Center for Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (KACST)
  • Amjad Alamri – Senior Specialist, Autonomous Construction Equipment and Robotics, Design and Build (NEOM)
  • Maha EM Alqahtani – Director of Microdata, General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT)
  • Basma Albuhairan- Managing Director, The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Saudi Arabia (C4IR KSA)
  • Maryam Telmesani – Chairman of the CSO Board, Sustainability Consultant, UNGC Local Network Saudi Arabia, MBL, Moc
  • Mariam Nouh VP Future Economies Sector, Cyber ​​Security Researcher & Consultant (KACST)
  • Danah Alsobayel – Director of Cloud Computing Partnership, CITC
  • Duaa Abood – Digital Environment Director, MoMRAH
  • Amal Bin Eissa – Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Senior Data Scientist Member of the Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Sciences, Princess Noura University
  • Emon Shaker – Founder and CEO of Blossom Accelerator, Venture Partner at Oryx Fund
  • Fatimah Aljulaïh – Cybersecurity Manager, Oxagon
  • Mishaal Ashemimry – Aerospace engineer and founder of MISHAAL Aerospace
  • Tanzila Saba – Associate Chairman, Department of Information Systems, Research Professor, Head of AIDA Laboratory, Prince Sultan University/CCIS College

While discussing the importance of cloud computing in today’s digital age, Maryam Telmesani, UNGC Local Network Saudi Arabia, MBL, MoC says, “As technology evolves, companies are exploring innovative opportunities to leverage cloud computing to advance their digital transformation journey. With an expected compound annual growth rate of 4.8%, the cloud application software market will reach US$168.6 billion by 2025. However, it is important to embrace a sustainable “Green Cloud” framework to address potential impact areas of cloud services across all three spheres. of sustainability (social, environmental, economic) to shape the future of a sustainable global IT landscape. It’s time to prove that “Green Cloud” is more than a buzzword linking IT to the environment, rather it is a framework with elements defined around energy efficiency, emission reduction emissions, renewable energy use, environmentally friendly data center buildings, greener infrastructure and sustainable policies and standards. »

Sharing his thoughts on the impact of the World Cloud Show, Dr. Basma Al Buhairandeclares the WEF Center for Fourth Industrial Revolution KSA, “A global and powerful cloud event that brings together global experts, investors and cloud entrepreneurs.”

The Saudi edition of Trescon’s global cloud event series will highlight the tremendous technological advancements that KSA will undergo in order to achieve its five-year growth plan. Mohammad Al-Aqil, College of Engineering, King Faisal University talks about this creeping digital revolution and the role of the World Cloud & Data Center Show, he says, “A new era of energy transition and industrial revolution reinforces the search for smarter, cost-effective and multi-disciplinary integrated solutions. The World Cloud Show serves as a catalyst that energizes the tech world to achieve more comprehensive sustainable and green digital transformations everywhere by employing new technologies related to the Cloud.”

The 20e edition of the World Cloud Show will feature renowned speakers such as:

  • Fahad A. Alhamad, Chairman of the Board, Saudi Cloud Computing Association
  • Simon Timmis, Director of City Technology, The Red Sea Development Company
  • Hani Al Thubaiti, CIO, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
  • Fabio FontanaCEO ZeroPoint DC, Tonomous, Chief Growth Officer and Executive Director – Compute, Neom
  • Fahad BedaiwiExecutive Vice President, Head of Facilities Management and Engineering Saudi National Bank
  • Mashari AlmusadDirector of Information, Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee
  • Ali AlghamdiData Management Specialist, Saudi Aramco
  • Abdallah BiaryCISO, United Cooperative Insurance
  • Mohammed Nasser AlshahraniStatistician and Data Scientist, Prince Sattam University

Ibrahim Bin AsakerCloud Security Alliance states: “Securing your data/services is a journey that never ends, the World Cloud Show will bring subject matter experts to shed light on cloud adoption in Saudi Arabia.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a cloud revolution, and data centers and the cloud will be critical to the country’s effort to diversify its economy. We hope to provide insight into the next phase of Saudi Arabia’s digital revolution. Saudi Arabia with the World Cloud Show and give technology innovators a platform to advance their cause,” Mithun ShettyCEO, Trescon

The 20e edition of the World Cloud & Data Center Show is supported and sponsored by:

For more information, visit: World Cloud Show, Saudi Arabia

About the Global Cloud and Data Center Expo

World Cloud and Data Center Show is a series of global leadership and business-focused events taking place in strategic locations around the world.

The Saudi edition brings together pre-qualified CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, research managers, industry practitioners, IT decision-makers and cloud computing experts, among others, from cross-industry verticals.

The show includes exciting keynotes, government and enterprise use case presentations, a product showcase, panel discussions and technical talks to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications of cloud-based solutions.

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