KY Man wins $2 million on scratch-off

What an exciting time to live in Kentucky in 1989 when the Lottery came to the Commonwealth. People couldn’t get to their favorite convenience stores fast enough to buy their tickets.


I was one of those people. I waited in line like everyone else, made my purchase, scratched it…only to find a big burger not greasy. “It happens,” I thought, so I tried again later. No dice. One more try… you get the picture.

And just when I thought it was just a matter of that voice in my head saying, “Don’t gamble, it’s not for you,” I won about $250 in Las Vegas in 1992. That didn’t matter, though. I returned to Kentucky to find that my luck with scratch tickets was the same.


The same as with ME, that is. It wasn’t the same as the millions of humans who find great success with scratch-off lottery tickets… like, for example, Russell Turner of Somerset who scratched one to the tune of $2 million. . And speaking of luck (“I’d rather be lucky than good,” to quote 1930s New York Yankees pitcher Lefty Gomez AND legendary Indiana hoops coach Bob Knight), Turner landed the last two Diamond tickets. Dazzler on the list, according to Somerset’s Commonwealth Journal.

Seriously, HOW lucky. Turner told the Journal that he quits playing once he wins anything. If he had only bought one and it was worth, say, $20, he would have lost $1,999,980. I wonder if he would praise that angel that was on his shoulder. (And in fact, after taxes, he makes just over $1.2 million – I doubt he cares.)


I have to agree with Russell Kidder, who left a comment that goes along the same lines as what I was thinking.

attachment lottery comment

It’s really amazing considering how lucky I am with these things. I am not joking; I’ve never won a THING on a scratch ticket. I love poker and had a great time in Vegas. And I got those two together and hung out in front of the poker machines. That’s where I made the 250. Today it would be just over $480 and I’d be dancing in the streets. You should have seen when I won $45 at Ellis Park a few years ago, having NO idea what I was doing.


So, I wonder what Russell Turner will do with that loot aside from buying his dream car. The first thing I would do is call an accountant and a lawyer and then try to calm myself down. I’m so easily entertained that I doubt I’d get through it very quickly. But, yes, I would buy some kind of vehicle and then plan an awesome vacation. And then I would get practical. But the main thing is that I would feel very comfortable; you can’t put a price tag on it.

Congratulations, Russell Turner. Yes, like Russell KIDDER, I think you are made for great things and I wish you good luck.

[SOURCE: Commonwealth Journal]

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