Latest Scam Alert: POSB Customers Receive ‘Survey’ Email With Cash Reward; DBS says the email is not legit

As authorities and the general public catch scammers in their phishing attempts, perpetrators are continually changing tactics, targeting victims through other methods such as an email offering the recipient a cash prize if they respond. to an investigation.

“Scammers are actively targeting POSB customers via a phishing email, which claims to be a ‘POSB-PAssion Rewards 2022!’ survey,” DBS said in a Facebook post on Friday (February 25).

The email includes clickable links, prompting recipients to complete the survey, as 500 customers would receive a cash reward or airline miles.

“This is NOT a legitimate POSB email,” DBS clarified.

If a customer clicks on the link, the customer will be redirected to a phishing site and asked to complete a survey before providing their personal information and credit or debit card details, such as date of birth, number mobile phone number, card number, expiry date. , and CVV.

Once the information is provided, the phishing site displays a page requesting the customer’s OTP SMS.

The scammer will then exploit the stolen information to perform unauthorized card transactions.

The public is reminded that DBS or POSB do not send retail customers emails and text messages containing clickable links.

The email is from “[email protected]”, which is not a valid DBS or POSB email address.

Photo: taken from the DBS website

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The phishing website is also not a legitimate POSB or DBS website and operates under the “” domain.

Photo: taken from the DBS website

“If you have provided your debit card details and CVV combination to this phishing website or any other non-DBS website or mobile app, please call us through our 24-hour anti-fraud hotline and 7 days a week at 1800-339-6963 for immediate assistance.” said DBS.

Customers are reminded to ensure that they are on the official DBS website or use the official DBS mobile apps to complete any DBS bank related enquiries.

“Go directly to to make sure you’re on our website,” DBS said.

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More information can be found here./TISG

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