Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Continues to Help Victims of Sexual Abuse Nationwide Despite Challenges

Sep 27, 2021 10:40 a.m. ET


Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, today announced that it is actively funding lawsuit loans for sexual abuse cases despite a backlogged court system. Covid closures have been responsible for the indefinite suspension of many cases. But even before the pandemic, the unprecedented new window of opportunity to file older cases in many states created many challenges on how to resolve so many claims.

In February 2019, new York enacted the Child Victims Act (CVA). The law provides a way for victims of childhood sexual abuse to file claims beyond the previously allotted window of limitation. The CVA has enabled more than 10,000 survivors to come forward and file new lawsuits in New York. Other states such as New Jersey (NJ), California (CA), and Pennsylvania (PA) have also passed similar laws.

Through the CVA alone, over a thousand new charges have been laid against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and over four thousand against the Catholic Dioceses of New York. These figures are in addition to the nearly 90,000 complaints previously filed against the two organizations. The sheer number of complaints prompted the diocese and the Boy Scouts organization to file for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy applications can cause additional delays, they will almost certainly affect the desired settlement amounts. Legal-Bay does not have an exact timeline for trial dates or figures for the type of damages plaintiffs can expect to receive.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented: “Sadly, many victims who have waited all these years for justice now see justice delayed even longer. Many older cases of sexual abuse present challenges in themselves. But when you add Covid in Despite these challenges and uncertainties, Legal-Bay remains committed to doing everything possible to help victims of sexual abuse secure pre-settlement funding for eligible cases. the point is that the settlement amounts for sexual abuse cases will not be based on merit, but on the money available to the accused today. ”

Typically, values ​​are determined based on the merits of each individual claim, and then settlements are paid accordingly from the overall settlement amount. Last month a Delaware federal judge has started hearings to consider a proposal $ 850 million settlement for the more than 50,000 plaintiffs in a BSA sexual abuse lawsuit, of which 1,000 were filed through that of New York Child Victims Act.

It would be fair to say that the vast majority of these plaintiffs eagerly await their appearance in court. However, the large number of lawsuits coupled with the Covid delays have created a certain status quo. The decision to come forward is never easy at first, but coping with the snail pace with which these pursuits have progressed is simply bending the knife. Almost two years since the adoption of the CVA and still no resolution is in sight. Legal-Bay appreciates the frustration complainants can feel throughout this languid process, and understands that waiting indefinitely for a settlement may not be in the complainant’s best financial interest. The company believes that once some of the windows close to file some of the oldest claims, defendants will be able to better understand their exposure and move towards resolution.

Besides the BSA and Catholic churches, thousands of allegations of sexual abuse target teachers, coaches, healthcare workers and foster care systems. In addition, there are many claims against family members, neighbors and strangers. Legal-Bay has already written about Reginald Archibald, who is accused of abusing hundreds of children since 1948 while working as a doctor at Rockefeller University Hospital for over 40 years. 70 of these complaints were filed through the CVA. Some of Archibald’s cases have already been resolved, and a handful of other survivors were able to reap some of the settlement amount without even having to bring their own lawsuit.

The extended limitation period for filing via the CVA was closed on August 14, 2021. However, survivors can still file a civil complaint, as long as they do so before they reach the age of 55. Failure to do so will ensure that they have waived any right to pursue a case in the future.

The CVA allows the courts to resolve a large number of cases at once rather than arguing each individual claim. Thousands of cases are still waiting to pass that of New York backlogged court system, which is a disheartening scenario given that the process could take months or even years. Rather than leaving complainants to wait indefinitely, Legal-Bay offers settlement loans for all qualifying sexual abuse cases.

Aside from sexual abuse loans for settlements, Legal-Bay also provides loan financing for all types of cases, including bodily injury, car accidents, medical malpractice, appeal judgments, commercial disputes, etc. Their lawsuit loans have helped many plaintiffs through many financial crises.

Legal-Bay’s loan settlement programs provide immediate liquidity before the applicant’s anticipated monetary compensation. Non-recourse lawsuit loans, sometimes referred to as lawsuit loans or settlement loans, are risk-free because the money does not need to be repaid if the recipient loses their case. Therefore, the lawsuit loan is not really a loan, but rather a cash advance.


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