Milton bride-to-be defrauded through online loan scheme | public safety

MILTON, Ga. –– A Milton woman notified police on July 7 that she had been defrauded for a loan she applied for online to help pay for her upcoming wedding.

The lending company contacted her and she provided her bank details to receive the funds. The company said it would first send a small amount to the account before transferring the full amount. She said the company deposited a check for $900 and then told her they needed her to return the money through Cashapp. She opted to send the money via the Zale cash app instead, but the company said the transfer was unsuccessful after two attempts.

She eventually bought two Target gift cards for a total of $900 and sent the card numbers to two phone numbers.

She was then asked to take out insurance to insure the loan, which she found odd because the application said nothing about this.

Meanwhile, the loan company continued to send checks to her account for a total of $2,400. She asked them to stop, but was told she had to return the money or face possible criminal charges. She bought three Walmart gift cards totaling $1,200 and provided the company with the card numbers.

She finally realized she was dealing with a scammer and notified her bank. He was told that all the checks from the lending company were forged and had not been cashed. She also discovered that all of her cash app transfers had been completed.

She reported a total loss of $5,084 due to the scam.

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