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On BBC Wake up to Money this week, Kia Commodore for the Pennies to Pounds podcast gave some solutions to these issues. She gave some money saving tips that have helped her save “hundreds of pounds”.

Most web browsers allow users to install add-ons. These extensions are small applications that add functionality to your browser and improve or change the way web pages are used and displayed.

She continued, “So if you primarily browse on your computer, you can add something to your browser that will remind you.

“So when you go to some websites it pops up and says you can get a refund here, so click on it, activate it and continue shopping is normal.

“So you don’t have to remember to go to the website first and then walk this whole trail.”


2. Price comparison sites in private browsing mode

Another tip is to use price comparison sites in incognito mode.

Private browsing mode protects people’s private information and prevents certain websites from tracking their search behavior. The browser used will not remember which pages people visit, their search history, or their autocomplete information.

Ms. Commodore continued, “I would say use price comparison websites, but do it in incognito mode.

“The advantage of searching in private browser mode is that the cookies installed cannot trace your previous searches.

“If you are looking for car insurance for example, and have done it several times, the prices offered may be more expensive because the server knows that you may buy it as soon as you visit the website several times. times .

“I’ve done it before and have seen my auto insurance increase because I’ve been there before.

“With the private browser mode, I managed to save a few hundred dollars by going this way.”

3. Cancellation of subscriptions

Ms Commodore also recommended canceling subscriptions and said: “It seems like everyone knows of course, but everyone fell victim to forgetting to cancel a free trial, and now you’re paying for something. thing you didn’t really want.

“As a monthly check, go through all your subscriptions, and anything you no longer need or use, cancel it.

“It could be a little drain on your finances.”

4. Discount codes

Another tip that Brits should consider is to use discount codes when purchasing anything online or in stores.

There are many websites dedicated to offering discount codes. Some of them are updated hourly with the latest codes that people can use. Alternatively, people can go to retailer websites to see what they can offer.

If people check before they buy, they can end up saving “10-15%” on whatever products they want.

Ms. Commodore said, “It’s very easy for consumers. You don’t have to be so active. Just add it to your browser and it can do the job for you. When you are on different websites, add-ons will display and alert users to discounts available on that site.

5. Price tracking websites

Finally, as the Christmas season approaches, Ms. Commodore recommended price checking websites.

People can use these websites to make sure that they are buying the best value for money products.

If individuals put specific products on these sites, they’ll send an email alert as soon as the price drops, or there’s a discount code for that, ensuring people pay the lowest price possible.


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