Pune businessman falls into ‘double cash’ trap and gets Rs 40 lakh banknotes | Bombay News

Bombay: The Matunga Police arrested three people for allegedly cheating on a Businessman from Pune of Rs 20 lakh, and are looking for more defendants.
One of the defendants posed as an income tax officer while others as his associates, and assured the plaintiff to give him Rs 40 lakh if ​​he gave them Rs 20 lakh.
Their money, they told him, is the money that was recovered in the roundups of the Income Tax and Enforcement (ED) directorate. The businessman had taken a loan from a pawnshop to give Rs 20 lakh to the accused.
Among those arrested are Devrao Hivrale, 35, who practices agriculture, Ravikant Hivrale, 36, and Yogesh Hivrale, 32. All three are from Buldhana district. The police also brought in a car that was used in the crime.
Recounting the case, Detection Officer Prashant Kamble said: “The complainant, who previously worked for a bank and is now in the dairy milk business, had approached the police stating that he had met the accused near a hotel in Dadar in mid-October. One of the accused posing as an income tax agent while others as his associates.”
According to the complaint, the accused told the businessman that he had a lot of money that had been recovered during the computer and emergency raids. The accused told the businessman that since the money had been recovered during the raids and his account was kept, they could not use it. They lured him saying they could give him double the money if he paid them a certain amount. They proposed that if the businessman brings Rs 35 lakh, they would give him Rs 70 lakh and if he gave them Rs 1 crore, they would give him Rs 3 crore in return.
The accused has gained the confidence of the businessman. The businessman collected Rs 10 lakh from his house and took a loan of Rs 10 lakh from a pawnbroker to give to the accused. The accused arrived in two plush cars. They gave him a bag which supposedly contained cash and took Rs 20 lakh from the businessman and left, police said.
When the businessman arrived at his hotel in Mumbai Central and checked the bag, he was shocked to see the notes with the words ‘Children Bank of India’. The businessman fell into depression and wanted to commit suicide due to the financial loss. His family and friends advised him and a police complaint was filed.
Senior Inspector Deepak Chavan formed a team consisting of PI Rahul Gaud, Kamble and staff Santosh Pawar, Yeshwant Godse and Hanuman Metkar. They checked CCTV footage and, based on technical intelligence, arrested a driver, Yogesh, on Thursday. On Saturday, the cops caught Devrao and Ravikant.

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