RTE Fair City’s Ger Tells Sharon She Killed Will Before His Funeral As Cristiano Attends

Ger from FAIR City reassures Hayley that she was not the loan shark that Will was dealing with and she tells Sharon that she killed him.

Lee and Darragh botched an attack on Will that left him dead and Hughie recovered his body.


Ger tells Lee that she left Will for dead
Will and Cristiano's funeral ends up attending


Will and Cristiano’s funeral ends up attendingCredit: RTE
Ger tells Sharon that she killed Will


Ger tells Sharon that she killed WillCredit: RTE

Ger was furious when she found out about their unsuccessful attempt to scare Will and she tried to pass it off as an accident.

However, the guard became suspicious when there were fingerprints all over his house except for the back door.

The investigating guard was informed that Will was threatened by a money lender by Bosco.


During Thursday night’s episode, Lee saw McCabe talking to Ger. Dean learned that the Gardaí knew that a loan shark was threatening Will.

Lee wondered if Ger was preparing him to be the fall guy. Darragh tried to calm a spiral Lee. Dean learned that the Gardaí were at McCoy’s.

Ger lied to McCabe. Dean gave Ger an alibi. McCabe and Fidelma reached a dead end in the investigation.

Dean and Ger have ended their relationship. Dean spoke to Hayley about his relationship with Ger. Lee took off when the Collins family struggled to cheer him up.

Coming in on Sunday night, Ger reassures Hayley that she wasn’t the pawnshop that Will was dealing with.

Sharon worries about Lee’s erratic behavior. Darragh prevents Lee from telling Sharon the truth.

Sharon confides in Ger about Lee’s mood. Ger and Sharon bond over their teenage exploits. Ger prevents Lee from going to Will’s funeral.

Hayley and Ger share a warm moment. Dean reassures Ger that his alibi is solid.


Fearing to confess to her murder, Ger tells Lee that Will was still alive when she called Bosco the night he died.

Ger tells Lee that she left Will for dead. Ger tells Sharon that Will’s death was her fault.

Elsewhere, Mairead kept the reason for postponing Phoebe’s funeral.

Bosco said that Phoebe Will’s death could have been a stroke.

Damien realized he had to attend Will’s funeral for the sake of his family.


On Sunday, Cristiano feels like he’s letting Phoebe down by not attending the funeral. Damien encourages Cristiano to attend Will’s funeral.

Dolores and Bosco are gloomy when they think about Will. Cristiano arrives at Will’s funeral.

Phoebe is giving a speech at the funeral. A stranger arrives at Will’s grave.

Fans will be able to see all this and more on Sunday at 8 p.m. on RTE One.

Phoebe pays tribute to her father at the funeral


Phoebe pays tribute to her father at the funeralCredit: RTE

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