Savvy mums share their top five ways to earn an extra £10 a day

THE cost of living is rising, leaving many families to worry about how they can stretch their finances even further.

But the savvy mums at Mumsnet have shared their top strategies for earning £10 a day, which could help boost your finances.


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Between rising energy costs and inflation, higher tax bills, and the possibility of higher interest rates, most people will find that their salary envelope doesn’t go as far as previously.

And with wages not keeping up, many families may struggle to fill the gaps.

Earning extra money seems like a given, but how can you increase your income in your free time.

Mums on Mumsnet can have an answer in the form of their Earn £10 a Day threads.

The finance aces suggest some of their best advice and there’s something for everyone, whether you have five minutes to spare for a survey or more substantial hours to complete.

The Frugaleers also update their colleagues with how much they earned last month.

While the thread says you can earn £10 a day, many people have increased their income by earning many more thousands of pounds each month.

A poster even says that she has turned this income into a full-time income.

Even if you only made £10 a day, that would be around £300 a month and £3,650 a year.

One mum said: “I won just under £1200 again in December and I’m delighted because we’ve spent a lot of money recently (not even on fun stuff) so that really helps.

“I’m glad to have a little break because my slapping hand is killing me right now and I don’t want to end up with carpal tunnel.”

Another added: “Happy New Year everyone! I had a great December (just over £1600) but my good app project seems to have come to an end so I’ll probably have to redouble my efforts. ‘efforts this month’.

And a third said: “Happy New Year everyone. This £10 a day became my full time job last year. I’m so grateful to Ottersea for starting it all.”

Here are five of the bunch’s top tips for earning £10 a day or more:

Surveys and market research

If you can score market research gigs, they often pay a decent amount. However, they are often sought after, so you will need to be quick and reliable to get the job.

Here are some possible market research websites:

Surveys pay less, but there are many, many companies that allow you to participate. If you make a few, it adds up quickly and they’re easy to do when you have a spare minute.

A Mumsnet user recommends Prolific as his favorite site. Another popular option is


If you’re a fast type, this might be an option for you. It involves listening to recordings and writing down what is being said.

You’ll need to be precise, and it’s definitely a bonus to be fast if you want to get used to it.

One site, Way With Words, says you can earn anywhere from $0.45 to $1.73 per audio minute depending on how long the project takes.

Meanwhile, Rev offers between $0.30 and $1.10 per audio or video minute, depending on which site you use.

Microtasking and moderation

Described as some of the biggest earners, these are websites that pay you a fee to do flexible part-time jobs.

Websites to check out include:

Appen is the most popular, with many users reporting regular tasks and increasing their income.

You won’t make millions, but you can take on smaller or medium jobs to increase your income, depending on how much time you have.

If you’re considering micro jobs, be sure to watch out for scams. A common scam tactic is asking for a fee to sign up, so this should be a red flag.

Cash back

Cashback is a great way to earn money because you’ll earn money as you spend.

Typically, sites give you a percentage back when you shop and it can work on everything from groceries and takeout to buying insurance and investing.

One Mumsnetter said: “The best cashback is amazing! Use it, I’ve saved over £500 using it over the last 10 years, mostly on insurance products.”

The most commonly used sites are Topcashback and Quidco.


If you have skills such as writing, design, development, administration, or accounting, you could get people to pay you to use them.

Many freelancers start their own business, but there are also plenty of websites that will match your skills to people’s needs.

Often jobs or tasks will be posted online and you can apply to complete them.

Some of the common websites include:

The amount you will earn will depend on your skills and the jobs offered, as well as the time you have to complete the tasks.

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