The 2 Best AWS Machine Learning and Online Training Courses for 2021

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best AWS machine learning courses and e-learning courses to use to develop your skills.

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The Best AWS Machine Learning Courses

Exploratory Data Analysis with AWS Machine Learning

OUR OPINION : This course will teach you how to perform exploratory data analysis and leverage relevant AWS services. This is a beginner-level tutorial that will equip you with the skills to earn the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification.

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The description: In this course, you will learn how to analyze, visualize, preprocess, and implement engineering datasets to prepare them for the next machine learning steps. You will also learn how to prepare your data for the machine learning pipeline by doing feature preprocessing and engineering.


Fundamentals of Machine Learning on AWS

OUR OPINION : This mid-level training from software developer Amber Israelsen will lay the groundwork for AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification. It was last updated in June 2020 and offers over 2 hours of instruction.

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The description: First, you will explore what ML is and how it relates to artificial intelligence and deep learning. Then you will learn how to identify and frame machine learning opportunities. Then you will learn about the end-to-end machine learning process: retrieving, cleaning and preparing data, training and evaluating models, and deploying and monitoring models.


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