Vineet Bagaria suicide case: Assam police arrest accused’s sister

Dibrugarh Police today apprehended the sister of the accused Baidullah Khan – Saira Begum on suspicion of extortion for allegedly forcing a woman to sell one of her kidneys.

Baidullah Khan is one of three defendants involved in the suicide case of a famous animal rights activist based in Assam – Vineet Bagaria.

According to reports, the woman, identified as Meenu Begum, had actually borrowed money from Baidullah’s father – Abdula Khan – a private moneylender.

However, when she failed to repay the amount, Saira allegedly threatened Meenu and her family with dire consequences and even physically assaulted them. Meenu had no choice but to sell one of his kidneys to pay off his debt.

The victim further claimed that he borrowed a sum of Rs 1 lakh from Abdula Khan at an exorbitant rate of interest. She was informed that the amount owed had reached Rs 3.5 lakhs and was therefore asked to repay the required amount.

Based on an FIR filed by Meenu on Saturday, Dibrugarh Police arrested Saira Begum and convicted her under sections 341/387/294/506/34 IPC r/w section 14(z) Assam Micro Finance Institution (Regulation of Money Lending) Act, 2020 r/w section 19 (d) of the Transplantation of the Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994.

It should be noted that famous Assam animal advocate – Vineet Bagaria was recently found dead at his residence in Dibrugarh, located on Shanti Mandir Road. Vineet’s family members found him unconscious in his bedroom and took him to the hospital, where doctors declared him “dead”.

Recently, Dibrugarh district administration demolished Baidullah Khan’s Dibrugarh residence, calling it “illegal” and “unauthorized”.

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