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Have you ever wondered why so many people play casino games on the internet? In recent years, this gaming community has seen explosive growth. Experts distinguish six main drivers of the trend. Check them out below.

1. You can earn real money

In comparison with land-based establishments, the profits of UK online casinos are very decent. You can earn thousands of dollars or even more. Some of the biggest wins, such as the Mega jackpot, are seven-digit numbers. Additionally, you can use cryptocurrencies to place bets. The volatility of their value means you can benefit from them on both fronts.

2. Better payments

This industry is fiercely competitive so every website tries to stand out from the crowd with generous terms. RTP, or return to player, has increased in recent years. Now you shouldn’t accept less than 95%. This is much better than what you would get in a physical casino, where space is limited, so the house edge is higher.

More and more gamers in UK have flocked to the websites. The coronavirus pandemic has caused their popularity to increase as land-based establishments have been forced to close. Since online casinos do not have physical buildings, they are immune to such disruption and their costs are lower as well. There is no furniture, merchants, and other attributes to pay for.

3. Fast and anonymous

To play, you don’t have to leave your home. Play on the go if you want – mobile optimization means hundreds of games now fit in your pocket. Transactions on a reputable site are fast and your personal data is protected.

However, some users are still worried about sharing their information online. The industry has found a way to allay these concerns. While strong encryption keeps your data safe from prying eyes, you can use the latest methods to give yourself complete peace of mind.

Cryptocurrency payments add another layer of security. Neither the website nor the authorities can see the names of the owners of the wallet. Blockchain is a decentralized system where your identity is protected. Plus, withdrawals and deposits are almost instantaneous. Casinos also have low processing fees because there is no middleman. It’s a win-win scenario.

4. Sumptuous bonuses

Strong competition also forces operators to offer generous bonuses – sometimes just for setting up an account. There are a wide variety of these rewards and incentives. New players can explore and compare platforms for free using no deposit bonuses. This is a great opportunity to see which website fits your needs.

Compare this with any physical establishment, where rewards for purchasing tokens are scarce. Fortunately, you are almost certain to receive a match bonus from an e-casino. For example, you can get up to $ 1000 from the house as a 5 match bonus for your deposits.

Of course, no deposit bonuses are relatively small, but they are still incredibly popular. Free money or free spins can be used to explore the collection at your own pace, for free. It is a risk-free way to compare game offers online.

5. Bet sizes

Physical casinos generally have strict limits on wagering and stake size. This is because their overheads are relatively high. Websites have lower costs, so they can offer more variety in terms of betting options.

Digital casinos welcome players with all budgets. You can start small or become a big player. There is an option for everyone.

6. Selection of games

Even the largest physical casinos cannot compare to a digital collection. A website can contain hundreds of games from different famous studios, such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, etc. Many of them don’t even have a physical equivalent. The size of the collections is spectacular – there are more games than one could play in a lifetime.

The bottom line

Modern digital casinos offer many advantages to both novices and seasoned players. They cater for all budgets, offer a spectacular variety of games, lavish bonuses, loyalty schemes, and more. Obviously, their skyrocketing popularity is not just related to the coronavirus. It’s a convenient way to play the most exciting games, on any screen and from any location.

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