Your throne and 9 other body swap manhwa for fans of your name

Living in someone else’s shoes can seem like a wonderful thing, especially if it seems like that person has everything they want. However, while the grass may be greener on the other side, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This is why body swap stories are so intriguing, as the characters get to experience someone else’s life and connect with the person on a deeper level.

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One of those popular body swap anime is your name. It’s a romantic dramatic story that draws people in as they share an unforgettable supernatural experience. There are many body exchange manhwa similar to your name that fans of this theme will appreciate.

ten Medea Changes Body With Crown Prince’s Fiance After Faking Their Test Results (Your Throne)

From author and artist, Sam, your throne is a historical, psychological and mysterious manhwa with elements of romance and fantasy. All Lady Medea Solon wanted was to become the wife of the Crown Prince, Eros, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. Even though Medea wins the contest to become his wife, Eros cancels the results and chooses someone else as his fiancé.

After facing the other woman, the two switch bodies. However, Medea soon realizes that there are more prince than she thought and that all is not as it seems.

9 Lea is a pure and beautiful saint who changes her body with a rude womanizer because of a power struggle (Crossing Code)

Pass code

Pass code is a fantastic and dramatic manhwa from creators Hae-Yun and Sandeul. A beautiful and mystical woman, Lea, known to be a holy saint, sees her life turned upside down when her body is traded for a rude and arrogant womanizer named Cillian.

To hide this horrific event and understand why the Royal Family would be such a thing, she decides she needs to enroll in college the Royal Family would not be going to. For the first time, Léa is starting to really live, but it’s not easy when people want her to go.

8 Sir Roel is cursed in the body of a weak girl but finds happiness in the most unexpected way (this girl is a bit wild)

This girl is a little wild, from author and artist 303 Planet, is a fantastic, comedic manhwa with elements of magic. As the Demon King was about to be defeated, he cursed the Captain of the Holy Knights, Sir Roel, in the body of a weak girl (even though she was a girl to begin with).

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Now, as Sila Epheria, daughter of a nobleman, she hopes to live a calm and peaceful life. However, this does not go as planned as her family puts her in danger. But through the twists and turns, she finds something incredible that awaits her.

seven Two very different coworkers are cursed for changing bodies for an hour every day after visiting a mysterious temple (An Hour of Romance)

An hour of romance

An hour of romance is a fantastic, dramatic and comedic manhwa by author and artist, Myeong Mi Kim (who is known for his artistry in What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?). Jooahn and Dojin are very different colleagues. While she is a single businesswoman whose only goal is to do her best and follow the rules, he is a pure-hearted klutz.

However, a trip to a mysterious temple causes them to swap their bodies for an hour each day. They hope to avoid any problems by working together, but they start to depend on each other when they realize that more is going on in each other’s life than they thought.

6 Bank teller and hard-hitting money lender change bodies after accidental kiss (has the exchange rate changed?)

Has the exchange rate changed?

Has the exchange rate changed? from creators YB and Rat Bear, is a manhwa romantic drama. Lee Yool is a twenty-five year old woman doing her dream job as a bank teller. She hopes that she can make a good living and gain the affection of her parents. However, the moment they show him kindness, it is only because they want the money to help pay off his beloved brother’s debt.

Even though she knows it’s not a good idea, she turns to a loan company and meets a handsome loan shark named Hwan Choi. After an accidental kiss, the two switch bodies. They decide to keep a low profile until they can find a way to reverse their changed bodies and deal with their growing feelings.

5 Princess Violet is married to a heartless Duke and ends up changing her body after trying to end her life (what does it mean to be you?)

What does it mean to be you?

What does it mean to be you? Is a fantasy drama by the creators, Ocean, Bora Lee, and Ranyong that is a hit or miss with readers. Princess Violet is set to marry the Duke’s illegitimate son, Winter, in payment of the royal family’s large debt. As soon as she saw her husband, she fell in love, but it was one-sided as he didn’t care about her or her needs.

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After three years, she decides to end her life. But instead of dying, she wakes up after changing bodies with her husband. Now in the other’s body, they try to mend their relationship and overcome the traumas of their past, but it’s not easy. This manhwa is not for the faint of heart and is intended to be read by an adult audience.

4 Princess Elissa agrees to marry a bully but ends up changing bodies with him after their first night together (Lady Beast)

Lady Beast

Lady Beast, from creators Now and Su-wan Yu (who is also the author of Iris: the lady and her smartphone), is a fantastic and comical manhwa. Princess Elissa has lived a miserable life, and that’s why she agrees to marry the tyrant Duke, Ginger of Landall Kingdom.

However, after the newlyweds wake up, they find themselves in each other’s body. They have to navigate their daily lives and royal duties, while also trying to find a way back into their bodies.

3 Two women from different worlds change bodies after falling from a building (I became the daughter of a millionaire)

I became the daughter of a millionaire

I became the daughter of a millionaire is a manhwa comedy and drama from creators Ray and Chiguri. A human resources worker at a department store named Lee Yoori and the department chairman’s youngest daughter, Lee Yool, fall from the 10th floor of the building, but they do not die.

The two wake up after changing bodies. Yoori thinks that someday their bodies will go back, but unfortunately for her, Yool has a fiancé and they are getting married soon. Yoori learns that the life of a fiancé and a millionaire’s daughter is not as easy as it seems.

2 A princess and a nobleman change bodies after spending a night together (circumstances of body change)

Circumstances of switching organizations

Circumstances of switching organizations, from creator YounDal, is a dramatic and fantastic manhwa. A prince is cursed for changing his body with the last person he spent a night with, who happens to be the duke’s daughter.

To find a way to get her body back, she seduces him and they spend the night together. However, the curse did not lift. Now their bodies come and go at will without warning. They soon discover that the only way for them to turn back the clock permanently is to desire and love themselves.

1 Two childhood friends switch bodies and connect more than they ever thought they would (my borrowed body)

My borrowed body

My borrowed body is a romance and drama from the manhwa school life of author and artist Bagsegye. Sang-yu, an 18-year-old, has a crush on Darim, the class president. Darim is smart, popular, pretty, and in love with their classmate, Ho-young.

Before, the three of them were best friends, but over time things changed … especially when Darim and Sang-yu accidentally changed bodies. The two must find a way to survive until they can be restored. But along the way, they grow closer, much to the chagrin of their old friend.

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